Twitter Reveals Ball-Boy Planned To ‘Time-Waste’ During Cup Game

Charlie Morgan, the ball boy who is currently embroiled in controversy after his altercation with Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard during last night’s Capitol Cup encounter with Swansea, planned to ‘time-waste’ during the game to help out the Welsh side.

Morgan, who is the son of multi-millionaire businessman and Swansea’s leading shareholder, Martin Morgan, posted on his Twitter page before kick-off, “The king of all ballboys is back making his final appearance #needed #for #timewasting.”

He also added, “Haven’t been doing it this season been ask to come back to run them because the person can’t come in cos of the snow.” After the incident, Morgan was checked by the medical staff in an ambulance but it was soon revealed that he was not seriously injured.

His various Tweets have also shown him smashing up a bottle of expensive champagne, holidaying in Las Vegas and Dubai, ripping up betting slips, and travelling in first class on an airplane.

Much has also been made of the fact that Morgan is 17-years-old, which is regarded as way too old for such a position. This makes him only four years younger than the man who has been accused of assaulting him, Eden Hazard.

After the game, Morgan and Hazard both apologised to one another, but that hasn’t stopped a hoard of jokes over the ordeal making the rounds on Twitter. This has included mocked up photos being produced of Morgan covered in bandages and the singer, Lily Allen, even joined in the fun by tweeting, “Pray for the little Welsh ballboy.”

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