‘OutDaughtered’ Season 3 Trailer Teases Pregnancy News For Danielle, Adam Busby

Danielle and Adam Busby find themselves facing a new crisis when the couple and their adorable family of girls return to TLC for OutDaughtered’s third season. The couple, who are parents to quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Parker, and Riley as well as older daughter Blayke, reveal a pregnancy scare during a teaser trailer for the series’ new season.

In a sneak peek for Season 3, as provided by People Magazine, Adam and Danielle are facing what could be an unplanned pregnancy.

“How’s your stomach feel?” Adam asked Danielle.

“Oh my God,” she responded, bent over in pain. “I haven’t had my period yet.”

When he asked how late she was, she revealed she “didn’t have to know.” Danielle Busby then remarks to her husband she never had to worry about pregnancy because she believed Adam had a vasectomy. The Season 3 cliffhanger comes when Danielle asks her husband, “You didn’t really get a vasectomy?”

Throughout the season, fans will watch as the now 3-year-old quints navigate preschool and all the joys that come along with having toddlers, including potty training and personality changes. The biggest chance the couple will face this season as parents are when some of their children advance socially and academically quicker than others.

“Riley and Parker —they’re ready to move up,” the girls’ teacher is seen saying in the clip.

“Wow!” Adam and Danielle respond. Adam quips, “The last time the girls were separated was when they were in different incubators in the hospital.”

It will be a true test of the couple’s skills as parents to help Riley and Parker as they are removed from their current class and split away from their sisters.

“The quints really are a lot of fun at this age,” said Danielle.

“People see them as perfect little angels,” added Adam. “But I think we’ve got some little devils.”

Also in this season, Danielle’s mom MiMi will continue to face her own challenges in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which destroyed the home she had moved into months before. When she is told the renovation project could take up a year to complete, the matriarch breaks down to the camera stating, “I’m surrounded by so many people that love me, but I’ve never felt more alone.”

Adam and Danielle Busby became a household name back in 2015 when they became pregnant with the only set of all girl quintuplets in the United States.

Outdaughtered returns to TLC on Tuesday, July 10 for a special two-hour premiere.

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