NFL Kicker Graham Gano Ruined His Family’s Kickball Game In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

A fun family game was ruined when Carolina Panthers kicker Graham Gano arrived home.

According to Mashable, Graham arrived home to find his family playing kickball in their driveway. Of course, Gano asked if he, too, could join in on the fun because, well, sports. But rather than go easy on them, Gano showed off his true competitive nature, unleashing what had to have been the best kick of the day.

In the video, a red ball bounces as it makes its way to the NFL pro. His wife tells him that he can kick it, but don’t kick it hard. Well, that doesn’t happen. As soon as Gano makes contact, the ball has absolutely no chance, sailing all the way over the fence and into a wooded area. Gano’s wife and two children can be seen watching the ball soar over their heads.

And it comes as no shock that Gano decided to put a little more salt in the wound by rounding the bases with a huge smile on his face. As he rounds the bases, laughter can be heard as Graham smiles in celebration.

“Home run, baby!”

You can also hear one of his children saying, “dad, no more!” With his celebrity status, it comes as no surprise that the cute family video has already made its way around the internet, being viewed over 3 million times on Gano’s Twitter page alone.

The video was posted on the social media platform just two days ago, and it has also been retweeted over 21,000 times and given over 94,000 likes as well as over 22,000 comments. Many fans took the liberty to take to the comments section to share their thoughts on the video. A few other fans decided to joke around, pointing out a few instances in which Gano missed a kick in one of his games last season.

“By the look on his wife’s face, I think he’ll be on that couch for a few days…”

“I played against you in intramural kickball at FSU… I’ve never seen a ball get blasted to the moon… It was a championship game. You guys destroyed us,” another fan wrote.

“The fact that this man ran the bases afterwards is gold,” one more wrote.

Graham has played in the NFL for nine years. According to, the 31-year-old started his career with the Washington Redskins and played there for three years before moving his talents to the Carolina Panthers. He has played with that team for the past six seasons.

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