Cam Cameron Calls His Firing By Ravens ‘Brilliant’

Cam Cameron started the 2012 season as the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator. He was fired one month ago. Watching his former team compete in the Super Bowl from the couch, Cameron now calls his firing a “brilliant” move.

In his five years in Baltimore Cameron turned Joe Flacco into one of the league’s best quarterbacks. Now Flacco will face the 49ers in the Super Bowl without his NFL mentor.

Cameron has no regrets though. His work in Baltimore is done, and even tough it didn’t end with him calling the plays in the Super Bowl, he seems okay with that.

Maybe he’s just taking the high road; Maybe not. Cameron recently spoke with the New York Times about his late season firing, followed by the Ravens playoff surge. He says:

“It was a brilliant move. Everyone on the team took a look in the mirror after that.”

At 51 years old and an NFL career with varying success, Cameron has seen just about everything. He understands football is a business and when something isn’t working it can cost your job:

“We were inconsistent, and if I’m in charge, I’m saying: ‘Why are we inconsistent? We need to get the team’s attention.’ “

Cameron also reveals the first thing he did after being fired was attend his son’s basketball game:

“People were numb because they think you should run and hide. They think you’re embarrassed. I’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Right now Cameron is taking his time off to enjoy the things in life 16 hour work days make impossible. He’s taking his kids to school, playing golf, working out with his wife at the gym, fishing and a number of other things. He has a list.

What do you think? Does Cam Cameron seem like he’s being sincere about being fired?

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