‘Skyfall’ Headed To Home Video This February

The latest James Bond adventure Skyfall is reportedly slated to arrive on home video this February.

Fans of the series who are anxious to add the disc to the vacant slot in their James Bond 50 anniversary set will be able to do when the flick hits retail shelves on February 12. Although your set will be complete for the time being, there’s always another Bond movie looming on the horizon.

According to Cinema Blend, franchise fanatics who aren’t fond of physical media can also purchase a digital copy of the film this February. However, those who decide to go digital will be able to acquire Skyfall seven whole days before the flick bows on DVD and Blu-ray.

Those who opt for the digital copy of the James Bond flick will miss out on a plethora of special features that are exclusive to the discs. Not surprisingly, those who splurge on the Blu-ray version of Skyfall will walk away with far more extras than those who pick up the DVD.

The latest James Bond adventure starring Daniel Craig was well on its way to recouping its $200 million budget before the film made its debut in US theaters. While the movie earned an impressive $300 million at the domestic box office, Skyfall brought in a whopping $740 million at the foreign box office.

Box Office Mojo reports that the Sam Mendes-directed spy thriller earned a deeply impressive $1 billion worldwide. Chances are the film stands to make quite a bit more when it debuts on home video next month.

According to Complex, fans of the series won’t have to wait very long for another entry to arrive. If everything falls precisely into place, then the spy’s next adventure will hit cinemas sometime during 2014.

Are you a fan of James Bond? Are you planning to pick up Skyfall when it’s released next month?

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