WWE News: Multiple ‘SmackDown Live’ Stars Were Victims Of Theft In Memphis Hotel, One Is Pressing Charges

This week, the superstars of SmackDown Live went to Memphis for a show and things didn’t quite turn out how they had hoped. Sure, the event on Tuesday night appeared to go off without a hitch, but their stay wasn’t overly perfect. A number of talents from Team Blue have spoken out on social media to say they were the victims of theft at their hotel and they aren’t happy about it. As a matter of fact, one of them is even looking at pressing charges

Pro Wrestling Sheet has been able to confirm that WWE superstar Rusev did file a police report this week after things were stolen from him. Rusev was staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, and he claims that a number of things were taken directly from his hotel room.

Rusev originally tweeted out that the Sheraton did a good job of “cleaning” out his room of $500, his wallet, and his wife Lana’s camera. The police report reads that Rusev stated he and Lana left their room around 12:30 p.m. and returned around 1:10 p.m. They weren’t gone long, but the items were already missing.

Memphis police do have an open investigation taking place and there is no suspect information known at this time.

Rusev is planning on pressing charges and has even further issues since he stated the “Do Not Disturb” sign was on their door when they left.

Sadly, Rusev wasn’t the only WWE superstar to complain about theft at the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis this week. SmackDown Live General Manager Paige also hopped on Twitter to make similar accusations while also having a number of other issues with the hotel.

It appears as if everything went wrong for the former women’s champion.

The Memphis Police Department is taking the complaint from Rusev and Lana very seriously as is obvious with the ongoing investigation. It does appear, though, that Paige did notify the authorities as there was only one report of theft at the Sheraton Hotel reported this week.

Rusev and Lana have big weekends ahead of them as they are both in huge matches at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view on Sunday night. Rusev is one of eight men vying for the briefcase in the men’s ladder match while Lana has a spot in the women’s ladder match as well.

No one is safe from theft and that includes WWE superstars who were at a SmackDown Live on Tuesday and had items stolen from their hotel rooms. As of Wednesday evening, the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis or the corporate office had not made any comment on the alleged incidents. While Paige didn’t file a police report, Rusev and Lana did file one which makes this a serious situation that is far from over.

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