NBA Free Agency: Would Paul George Want To Team With LeBron James?

Paul George and LeBron James are the two biggest names available this offseason on the NBA free agency market. Both players are viewed as big-time scorers, while George is also known for his ability on the defensive end of the court. There have been rumors recently that the two would be very interested in teaming up together this offseason and signing with the same team.

Looking ahead at the offseason, TMZ caught up with George and specifically asked him about playing with James.

“Yeah, I’m with LeBron every All-Star. Every one of my All-Stars I’ve been teamed with LeBron… I like playing with him.”

He also was asked about returning home to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and excited the L.A. fans with his response.

“I’m from L.A., I can say I love L.A. because I’m from L.A.”

George has been rumored to be likely to sign with the Lakers this offseason. James has also been connected to the Lakers and his son has been reported to be committing to a Los Angeles high school. If the two were to sign with the Lakers, L.A. would immediately become a serious contender in the Western Conference.

James is coming off of one of his best all-around seasons, although the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t offer him much help. For the first time since he left Cleveland for the Miami Heat, James is widely expected to leave his hometown team. He has been connected to the Lakers, Cavaliers, Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, and Philadelphia 76ers the most this offseason.

Teaming up would make a lot of sense for both players. George has often talked about his desire to win a championship, while James needs more help. Playing with George would give James the kind of lockdown defender that he needs to go up against the Golden State Warriors and Kevin Durant.

Only time will tell where James and George will end up signing. Free agency is set to open on July 1 and both players are likely to take multiple meetings throughout the process. A conversation between the two early on in free agency seems likely.

In the past, George and James have had some entertaining clashes during the Indiana Pacers vs. James playoff series. Seeing the two of them together would be a scary thought for opposing teams.

Expect to hear plenty of rumors surrounding James and George this offseason and plenty of teams trying to lure each player to their city.

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