Thomas Ravenel’s Girlfriend Showed Up To ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion Without Him

With a set that is supposed to look like Patricia Altschul’s Charleston front porch, the cast of Southern Charm minus Thomas Ravenel, showed up yesterday to film the Season 5 reunion. Though Ravenel was not invited for various legal reasons, his Season 5 girlfriend did show for a segment that reportedly didn’t disappoint when it comes to the theme of high drama and volatile behavior.

People Magazine is reporting that Andy Cohen was wiped out by his time with the Southern Charm cast by the time he hosted WWHL last night. He said that Thomas wasn’t there, but his plus one reportedly defended him and spoke on his behalf, though it’s unclear if the two are still together.

“It was intensely dramatic, which is why I have droopy everything tonight. And Ashley was there. It was really something.”

Ravenel’s girlfriend was alone, reportedly chaperoned by Bravo employees while the rest of the cast socialized as a group. A source close to Thomas and his girlfriend says that she is the victim, and not the bully, as they blame editing.

“She’s been unfairly edited all season and painted as a crazy person, while Kathryn — who was instigating a lot of the drama, was made to look like a saint. Everyone ganged up on her all year long. Watching it back has been heartbreaking. … She’s being harassed online. She’s received death threats. People are terrible, flooding her Twitter and Instagram with insults and negativity.”

A Facebook post from the hair and makeup person assigned to Ravenel’s girlfriend suggested that she ended up also serving as her friend because only the Bravo and Haymaker employees would even acknowledge her.

Ravenel’s girlfriend insists that the two are still together as he continues to deny charges of rape and sexual assault, but he is refusing to comment, and the two have not posted any new pictures together in a month on social media. Thursday, after a Southern Charm episode aired which showed Ravenel telling his girlfriend that he didn’t care if she returned to Charleston after vacation, she said she would post a photo with Ravenel over the weekend, but it never happened. A fan said maybe it was because Ravenel had the children with him (Ravenel agreed not to have his girlfriend around the two Ravenel children), but last weekend, the children were with their mother, Kathryn Dennis.

But it’s unclear if Thomas was supportive of his girlfriend’s decision to go to the reunion without him. During the season, his girlfriend did Southern Charm Season 5 free of charge as a plus one for exposure, but she was reportedly paid a nominal sum to do the reunion.

“Ashley was lowballed. They offered her next to nothing to film the reunion, but she wanted to go.”

But people who know Ravenel’s girlfriend say that the bully persona on Southern Charm is a perfect match with her personality in real life, reports Daily Mail. Luzanne Otte, the woman Ravenel dated briefly, says that Ravenel’s current girlfriend’s online cyberbullying got so bad that she had to send her a cease and desist order to stop using her name online and suggested that she creates fake social media accounts to bully her.

Otte is a close friend of Patricia Altschul (who introduced her to Ravenel), and Patricia confirms that Ravenel and his significant other launched an attack on Otte who did nothing but go out with Ravenel approximately eight times before she broke things off with the failed politician.

Altschul clarified this on her Twitter account.

“And let’s add to that list an innocent friend of mine who was viscously cyberbullied by Ashley because of her obsessiveness and insecurity.”

With the Southern Charm reunion finally in the can, fans can’t wait to hear Ravenel’s girlfriend explain she just suffered from bad editing.

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