‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kiki Gets Help With Bensch, Ava Questions Griffin’s Closeness With Her Daughter

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode detail that Dr. Bensch will be facing repercussions for what’s been going on with Kiki and he may soon come to regret how he’s handled things. In addition, Griffin has kept what happened between him and Kiki after the Nurses Ball to himself, but there are hints that Ava may become suspicious. What else is coming up with the June 13 show?

Kiki has tried to handle things through appropriate channels, but it looks like Franco’s about to get involved. Previews for the next episode shared on Twitter show Franco attacking Dr. Bensch at General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Franco will be enraged as he confronts the doctor and he’ll snap to make sure the doctor knows what he’s upset about.

Kiki hesitated to tell Franco about what had happened with Bensch, knowing how angry he’d get. However, it looks like the word is getting out since she’s working with Alexis on pursuing a civil suit. General Hospital spoilers share that Alexis will work on prepping Kiki for how tough things might get with this suit, but Kiki will insist she’s ready for whatever comes next.

Griffin and Kiki had a drunken fling the night of the Nurses Ball and he’s been feeling anxious about hiding this fact ever since then. Griffin and Ava are back on better terms again, but viewers know that the truth will eventually emerge and cause issues in this relationship once more.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava will also learn about Kiki’s allegations against Bensch, and it looks like she’ll presume that’s the reason that Griffin has been keeping so close to her daughter. Obviously, Griffin won’t admit the real reason he’s become so connected to Ava’s daughter and it’ll be interesting to see if she picks up on how antsy he is regarding the topic.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Kiki will be facing her demons during Wednesday’s show, but she’ll be left startled during Thursday’s episode. Does Bensch creep up on her once again? How will he react to Franco’s attack? General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s plenty more on the way with this storyline before it’s resolved and viewers are rooting for Kiki to come out on top over Dr. Bensch and his ongoing harassment.

Wednesday’s episode also will have Nina scrambling as Curtis and Sam ask for her help in finding Peter while Carly faces the reality of settling in at Ferncliff. Sonny will talk with Mike about ideas regarding how to bring Carly home and there will be some talk between Alexis and Valentin as well. General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s great stuff on the way as the week progresses and fans are anxious to find out what’s coming next.

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