Child Of The 90s: Microsoft Internet Explorer The ‘Browser You Loved To Hate’

A new video called Child of the 90s hopes to promote Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 as part of the software company’s new advertising campaign. The video ad is laced with nostalgia from the 1990’s, claiming that “you grew up” and “so did we.”

Microsoft dubiously claims that Internet Explorer is the “browser you loved to hate,” and part of that might be true because for years most users were stuck using the Microsoft web browser. But Internet Explorer 10 redeems itself as reviewers have noted that it’s comparably fast to Google Chrome. Many of the new features make it very user friendly for touchscreens, especially tablet users.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Internet Explorer still has been getting a lot of flack lately. A zero day exploit affected all the old versions of Internet Explorer from 8 on down, which means Windows XP users are out of luck. All versions of Internet Explorer, even version 10 featured in the Browser You Loved To Hate campaign, are effected by a java exploit that allows hackers to track mouse movements. Microsoft’s last IE ad campaign even shamed itself, promising that Internet Explorer 10 “sucks less” all the while mocking anyone who dislike it “as basement dwelling, aging karaoke champs that are chubby and pale and like to while away the late night hours complaining about Internet Explorer.”

Despite any security flaws, Internet Explorer remains a very popular option. According to Ars Technica, Internet Explorer retains 48.75 percent of the worldwide combined browser market share. Internet Explorer 8 was fairly unpopular, resulting in huge losses in market share for Microsoft, but Internet Explorer 9 and also version 10 reversed their fortunes, and they even stole some users from Firefox and Chrome.

What do you think about the Child Of The 90s video? If you’re not using Internet Explorer 10, are the new features enough to make you switch back?

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