WWE News: Brock Lesnar Broke CM Punk’s World Title Record, But This Stat About Both Streaks Is Disturbing

Brock Lesnar officially broke a record that seemed as if it would stand forever in today’s world of professional wrestling, but records are made to be broken, right? On Monday, Lesnar officially achieved the record of having the longest World Championship reign of the modern era of WWE which surpassed that of CM Punk. While many may say that it isn’t the same belt or that it isn’t a legitimate record, there is a stat line going around that makes it even more troublesome.

On Monday, the official website of WWE acknowledged the record being broken by Brock Lesnar and congratulated him on the feat. Monday officially marked day No. 435 of Lesnar’s current title reign with the WWE Universal Championship thus moving CM Punk’s 434-day reign into second place.

WWE made it a point to say how big this accomplishment is and even pointed out that there are no current challengers going after his title. That’s a cute little way of saying that Lesnar is in the middle of one of his off periods from the ring and simply isn’t involved in a storyline.

Paul Heyman, who has been the manager of both the longest-reigning world champs, took to Twitter to bring attention to his client.

Speaking of Lesnar’s current off period from the ring, many fans don’t believe his record is much of anything due to his part-time status. As a matter of fact, a Reddit user by the name of /u/cheikhyourselfm8 did a little research and figured out some statistics that are rather bothersome as reported by Wrestling Inc.

Brock Lesnar won the WWE Universal Championship from Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 on April 2, 2017. Since that time, he has defended the title a grand total of 10 times if you factor in televised shows and WWE Live Events/house shows.

That’s not counting the Champion vs. Champion Match between Lesnar and AJ Styles at last year’s Survivor Series.

If Lesnar were to continue wrestling at this rate with the title in his possession, it would take him close to 17 years (16 years and nine months) to equal the number of title defenses that CM Punk had during his record-breaking reign.

Long title reigns have not been nearly as common in WWE or all of professional wrestling in the last two decades. They are quite rare and CM Punk‘s run was one that many thought would never be broken and he was truly a “fighting champion.” The fact that Brock Lesnar has broken the record by defending the title more than 150 times less than Punk is something that is quite shocking and offensive to true wrestling fans, but it’s simply the way things are.

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