Trump Insults Robert De Niro, Calls Him A ‘Very Low IQ Individual’

President Donald Trump took to Twitter, again, to criticize those who have criticized him. This time, Trump’s target was the famous actor Robert De Niro. A few days ago, as the Inquisitr reported, De Niro got a standing ovation at the Tony Awards for shouting “F**k Trump” in a rant against the POTUS.

The actor, who has been a frequent and vocal critic of President Trump, raised his fists and cursed at the president, calling him an “idiot” and a “fool.”

Donald Trump, who has not remained immune to similar attacks, tweeted insults at the actor, calling him a “low IQ individual” who has “received to [sic] many shots to the head by real boxers in movies” (the president wrote “to” instead of “too”). De Niro, the president claims, does not realize just how good the American economy is.

“Wake up Punchy!,” the president wrote, after tweeting that the actor may have been “punch drunk” during the award show, which, Trump claims, had caused the actor to hurl insults at the president.

A day after he took a swipe at President Donald Trump, De Niro apologized, not to Trump, but for him, CNN noted. The actor was in Toronto, Canada, launching the Canadian Nobu restaurant alongside celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa. De Niro referred to Trump’s behavior as “idiotic,” and apologized to Canadians and Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, as the audience laughed and clapped.

Robert De Niro’s long-time collaboration with director Martin Scorsese earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of Jake LaMotta, the famous boxer, in the 1980 film Raging Bull. It is safe to infer that the president was referring to this role when he called De Niro “punch-drunk” and “Punchy.”

The Tony Awards jab De Niro took at Trump was only the most recent of many. The actor has repeatedly criticized the POTUS. For instance, as the Hollywood Reported noted, De Niro called Trump the “lowlife-in-chief,” while defending the press and criticizing the president’s lack of “respect for the truth,” as the actor put it.

Donald Trump is no stranger to Twitter insults. The New York Times published a full list of individuals, places, and things the president has insulted via social media. From news outlets, to celebrities, to leaders of other countries, the POTUS has not shied away from Twitter feuds, insulting 472 individuals, places, and things total, according to the New York Times.

More recently, the president has been busy meeting with North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, but he still seems to have managed to find the time to insult others via Twitter.

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