Super Smash Bros Ultimate Release Date Announced At E3 2018 And The Timing Is Perfect!

During its E3 2018 briefing, Nintendo announced a release date for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and the timing is perfect for holiday gift giving.

According to a Gamespot report, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate release date is December 7. The game represents one of Nintendo’s biggest titles, and it’s the reason many people buy the company’s Nintendo Switch gaming console. The hope is that the new game spurs additional demand for the Switch during the busy holiday shopping season.

The Ultimate version of Super Smash Bros features every single player in the entire franchise’s history (including those that were previously only available via downloadable content) along with some new fighters like Metroid villain Ridley and Splatoon’s Inkling Girl and Boy, according to an IGN report. Additional character options include Sonic, Pac-Man, and Snake (from Metal Gear Solid), which are non-Nintendo characters.

The upcoming comprehensive game also supports the Nintendo GameCube controllers, which require adapters for use with Switch system. This USB accessory launched initially for Wii U.

The Super Smash Bros sequel also includes a new feature that allows players to choose a stage first and then select a character. This gives users the ability to choose different characters depending on the level they play.

Nintendo devoted a large portion of its E3 2018 discussion to the new game, and today’s announcement provided the first real look at the upcoming offering from the hit Switch franchise. The good news is that the game will be completely new with a gigantic roster of characters from which players get to choose.

For those who want to get the title as quickly as possible, pre-orders start today on Amazon.

In the Nintendo E3 2018 briefing, the company also announced that the popular game Fortnight is now available for the Switch console, CNET reported. The great news is players can download the game for free starting today, and it supports cross-play with iOS, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Unfortunately, cross-play with Sony’s PS4 is not available.

Finally, the brand also announced a brand new game — Daemon X Machina. The title comes from by Kenichiro Tsukuda, which also produced the Armored Core series. Unlike today’s release of Fortnight, and Super Smash Bros Ultimately, which comes out in six months, this entirely new title won’t be available until 2019, but it’s something exciting for players to anticipate for next year.

Also of note, Super Mario Party fans can play the title on the switch starting on October. 5. The new game allows for two Switches to connect for cross-system gaming.

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