‘Southern Charm’ Couple Kathryn Dennis & Thomas Ravenel Back In Mediation Friday For Custody Concerns

As the one-year anniversary of the custody agreement of Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel arrives, the two exes are back in mediation, not court at this time, in order to hash out the next chapter in the custody of Kensie and Saint Ravenel. At the end of June last year, a deal was signed, sealed, and delivered, which provided Kathryn with a gradual road to joint custody, says FitsNews.

Last year it took the two more than one sit-down to hash things out, but eventually, they hashed out a 24-page agreement. After the agreement was signed, Thomas Ravenel said that he did not intend to relive this messy business again.

“I’m glad all the acrimony a custody battle can bring has ceased as this case is settled and I fully intend to honor the agreement so as not to revive this messy business.”

But it’s an understatement to say that a lot of things have changed since Dennis and Ravenel signed this agreement last year. For instance, today the cast of Southern Charm is filming the Season 5 reunion, and Thomas was not invited after several main cast members expressed concern about the sexual harassment and rape investigation into his past behavior.

Over the last year, Ravenel violated aspects of the agreement and took advantage of others. Much of this came to a head on camera when Ravenel’s girlfriend attempted to serve as his spokesperson, criticizing Kathryn and her parenting skills, suggesting that she didn’t really want her children. Fans of the show were angered when Ravenel’s plus one at Patricia Altschul’s ball publicly called Kathryn Dennis an egg donor.

So it is understandable that Dennis has valid concerns about this woman who has proven she is prone to outbursts around her children. Kathryn is reportedly trying to nail down language that protects the children from a parade of women, as it was revealed on the show that Thomas’ Season 5 girlfriend met the kids less than a week after initially hooking up with Ravenel (adding insult was the fact that she met the kids on Mother’s Day).

Rumors that Kathryn Dennis is pushing for 100 percent custody are not true, as she has no interest in blocking Ravenel from regularly seeing his children, but does want to verify that when they are with him, they are actually seeing him and not the nanny.

Another point which fans had raised on social media was the fact that on Southern Charm, Thomas admitted he was paying all of his girlfriend’s expenses during filming, including rent, car, and at least $20,000 worth of clothing and gifts. At this time, Kathryn is still paying Ravenel $100 a month despite the fact that there is a huge income disparity between the two, with Ravenel making more than eight times what Dennis does.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel will both be back at the mediation table on Friday to hopefully nail down a new agreement.

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