Meghan Markle May Have Been Channeling Princess Diana In Blush Dress That Broke Protocol

Meghan Markle is still catching a lot of flack for her recent choice of outfit at her first Trooping the Colour ceremony, but she may have actually been channeling a more famous — and beloved — princess with her choice.

On the Today Show’s Instagram page, there was a suggestion that Meghan Markle was channeling none other than Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, with her fashion choice.

The outlet reports that Diana, Princess of Wales, wore a similar dress with a similar color back in 1987 — more than 30 years ago.

Of course, Diana’s dress was much more indicative of the time and had a white collar that contrasted against the peach color of the dress.

Check out the two dresses, side by side, below.

If indeed, Meghan Markle was channeling Princess Diana with her dress choices, it would confirm the previous stories about Diana’s son — Meghan’s husband — Prince Harry being her “secret stylist.”

In a previous report by the Inquisitr, it was suggested that various fashion houses visit Kensington Palace to show off their wares to the Duke and Duchess, and the Duke takes an active role in picking out his wife’s clothes.

One of the main reasons he does this, according to the report, is because Meghan — as an American and someone who is not of royal blood — isn’t familiar with the customs and the protocol that comes with Duchess-forward fashion. In an effort to not defy protocol too much, Prince Harry serves as a guiding hand for his wife.

But it seems as though Prince Harry’s alleged role as Meghan Markle’s new stylist have done her little, if any, good. In a separate report for the Inquisitr, it was confirmed that the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex got a lot of heat for her choice of garb at the Trooping the Colour ceremony, with one critic sneering that an off-the-shoulder dress was “inappropriate” wear, no matter if it’s the daytime or the nighttime.

What’s more, the same critic sneered that he was afraid that the Duchess would bend the rules “just a little too much,” and he’d be keeping a closer eye on her.

But while the more stodgy British critics took a few jabs at the new Duchess, there were more than a few who supported her.

Prince Harry, for one, continuously checked on her to make sure she was okay, and by all accounts, she did a “fantastic” job. In addition, a fan of Meghan Markle’s pointed out that the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana, and even Queen Elizabeth have worn off-the-shoulder dresses in the past.

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