Elle Macpherson’s Bikini Body Secrets Are A Sugar-Free Diet, Yoga Workouts

Supermodel Elle Macpherson maintains her age-defying bikini body at 54 with an alkaline diet that restricts sugar and refined carbs. The 6-foot-tall Australian beauty also exercises almost every day, alternating between yoga, cardio exercise, and calisthenics.

The mom of two recently ditched sugar and refined carbs, saying it has made her feel more energetic and less bloated. She still regularly enjoys antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and the occasional slice of birthday cake.

“Sugar is a very addictive substance and difficult to give up,” Elle told The Gloss (video below). “I’ll have dark chocolate 80 to 90 percent, and that does it for me.”

During her 20s, Macpherson followed a healthy diet and exercised regularly to maintain her supermodel bikini body because it was her job to look good. But these days, Elle says she leads an active lifestyle and eats well because it makes her feel good and promotes healthy aging, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

“These days, I need to make a conscious effort to stay in optimum health,” Macpherson said. “I need seven hours sleep, an alkaline diet to ensure a well-tuned body and good energy levels, an hour of exercise, to meditate, and quiet reflection time. Less stress means less inflammation and less bloating.”

Macpherson tries to work out every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. She is a longtime fan of yoga and loves to walk, cycle, and paddle-board, hike, and box. Basically, Elle enjoys doing anything that involves movement.

“Being active is important from a wellness point of view,” Macpherson said. “Feeling good is my motivation and looking good is the byproduct.”

Elle Macpherson, who was nicknamed “The Body” during her modeling heyday, said her anti-aging beauty secrets include plenty of sleep, sunscreen, moisturizer, and stress management.

She consumes a nutrient-dense green juice every day and tries to eat lots of vegetables and salads. While she’s not 100 percent vegetarian or vegan, her diet is mostly vegan at the moment (she switches up her diet depending on how she feels).

Macpherson also meditates every morning and tries to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude. While the brunette bombshell became rich and famous thanks to her athletic good looks, Elle says being beautiful is just as much about exuding positive energy as having chiseled abs and toned arms.

“I try to meditate every morning,” she said. “It relaxes me, clears my mind, and sets my day off on the right foot before things get too manic.”

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