Meghan Markle And Prince Charles Are Truly Enjoying Each Other’s Company, Says Body Language Expert

Prince Charles seems to be relishing the company of the royal family’s new entrant, Meghan Markle, according to a body language expert who spoke to Bustle after studying the minute movements of the family members during last week’s Trooping the Color event.

The occasion commemorates the birthday of the English sovereign and gives the public a great opportunity to witness the entire royal family as they interact with each other over an extended period of time. During the event, the Queen formally inspects her troops before the royal family gets together on the balcony to watch the RAF flypast.

The protocol dictates that Prince Charles and Prince William, following the horseback procession, join the family on the balcony. This is what happened with Prince Charles taking up his position between his first born and the Queen.

And while he observed the flypast like he does every year, Prince Charles turned more than once towards his second son and his new wife. As noted by body language expert Judi James, Prince Charles seemed to be drawn to Meghan every time he wanted to have a chat and a laugh.

“Technically, Charles would be standing in the front row on the balcony, alongside the Queen and close to Kate and William, and that is where he finally placed himself once the ceremony began. But it is clear from these photos that he seemed drawn towards his youngest son and his new wife when it came to having a chat and a laugh.”

At one instance during the event, Prince Charles can be seen conversing with his two daughters-in-law. While both of the women appear engaged, Meghan brings up her hand to cover her face (featured image), showing that she is truly amused by what Prince Charles has to say, according to James.

A little while later, as her father-in-law continues being chatty and likely in a fun mood, we can see Meghan doting on him with the sweetest of looks, showing us already that she is fond of him.

“Meghan uses some great flattering body language signals to boost the ego of the people she’s talking or listening to, and the smile and raised hand here does seem to be putting Charles into raconteur mode.”

It is something she has accepted as well, telling Harper’s Bazaar in an interview that Prince Charles has been “welcoming, warm, hard-working, kind and stable” towards her relationship with Prince Harry, which in turn has led to the fostering of a better father-son relationship.

James acknowledges this, saying both Meghan and Prince Charles have had a positive impact on each other, even as Kate continues to relish a respectful relationship with her father-in-law.

“There’s clearly strong bonds of affection between Charles and Kate, but Harry and his wife do seem to bring out the heir to the throne’s more playful side,” concluded the expert.

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