‘Bachelorette’ Fans Furious After Final Rose Ceremony Cut Short For Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un Handshake

Bachelor Nation erupted into fits of anger after ABC News broke into the final rose ceremony of the June 11 episode of the reality dating competition to feature the historic handshake between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Fans of Becca Kufrin and The Bachelorette vented their frustration on social media when the episode was interrupted over the breaking news event, according to OK! Magazine.

The episode had no shortage of drama, including an attempt at winning more time with the reality star via the Becca Bowl, which pitted the men against one another in what was to be a friendly competition. At another point in the episode, David was rushed to the ICU after he fell off the top bunk of his bed.

But when ABC News broke into the broadcast to feature the show of goodwill between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un at a special summit organized by the two men in Singapore, viewers of the show were enraged.

Fans took to Twitter in droves to complain, forcing show host Chris Harrison and the network to attempt to smooth things over.

The official Twitter account for the show reassured fans, saying, “Don’t worry folks. #TheBachelorette will air in its entirety after the Special Report.” Bachelorette host Chris Harrison tweeted, “If the summit goes well they can forgo their individual countries and go straight to the fantasy country.” He also stated in several separate tweets, “Stay calm…we’re pausing the show for you. You’ll see The Bachelorette in its entirety. Everyone breathe and drink another glass of wine. I think the important thing right now is not to panic. We must stay together as one United #Bachelor Nation.”

One fan quipped, “This is a weird twist to The Bachelorette tonight with a group date including Trump and Kim Jong un.” Another one remarked, “We better see the whole thing, I waited seven days to watch this.”

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The series would eventually re-air the episode so fans could catch up with all the drama they missed. During the tension-filled evening, contestants were broken up into two group dates. The first group consisted of Wills, Jason, Jordan, David, Jean-Blanc, and Colton. A dark shadow was cast over the group outing after David and Jordan engaged in a terrible war of words.


The next group date numbered Clay, Leo, Christon, Ryan, John, Garrett, Mike, Lincoln, Connor, and Blake, who were split up into two teams for a game of football. Clay, who played professionally in the NFL for 10 years, ended up hurting himself badly. Although he scored the group date rose at the end of the day, Clay later found out he needed surgery and was forced to excuse himself from the competition or risk losing his job.

“I’m really going to miss Clay,” said Becca. “I gave him the rose last night for a reason. We were finally getting somewhere. Watching him walk away, it’s just not easy.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.

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