‘Jersey Shore’ Star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Is Reportedly ‘Out Of Control’ Post-Split, Reports ‘Radar Online’

It looks like Jersey Shore cast member Ronnie Ortiz Magro is taking his reality TV party persona a bit too seriously and now, his fellow cast members and friends are stepping in. Ronnie and the entire cast are currently filming the second season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation in Las Vegas, but according to new reports, Ronnie is said to be getting out of control. It’s being reported by Radar Online that Ronnie has taken his partying ways to a dangerous and alarming new level, and now his friends and fellow castmates are so concerned about him that they staging a “friend-tervention” to convince him to seek help!

As reported by Radar Online, the outlet is reporting that Ronnie is “absolutely out of control” and partying non-stop to cope with the loss of his beloved dog and nasty split with his ex Jen Harley. According to an on-set source, Ronnie’s castmates are so worried about his excessive partying that they are reportedly staging an intervention in hopes of saving him from a dangerous downward spiral.

“Snooki and Jwoww are really concerned and they are trying to get him to go and get help before it’s too late,” the insider revealed. The insider also revealed that the entire cast is even trying to convince him to check into a treatment center to cope with his issues and drinking. The insider revealed that Ronnie’s recent downward spiral is all due to the recent passing of his dog in addition to his break-up with ex and baby mama Jen Harley.

“Ronnie is blaming himself for his dog’s death and for everything going on with Jen. He wishes he was home to save his dog. He is coping the best way he knows how, which is getting really f*****d up.”

With Ronnie going through a tough time right now, the insider revealed that the cast is doing everything they can to be there for their friend and to make sure Ronnie is okay.

“Things are really volatile right now with Jen and everyone on the cast is doing everything they can to keep his mind off her and keep him as far away from her as possible.”

As it was previously reported per Inquisitr, just last week, Ronnie and his ex were involved in yet another fight where it was reported that things got volatile and Jen spit on him before fleeing.

According to a report by TMZ, Ronnie’s claiming that during a heated argument between him and Jen, she took things to another level and allegedly spit on him. It was reported that on Thursday evening, Jen wound up calling the cops on him to report their argument at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Despite Jen initially making the call, when cops showed up around 10 p.m. on June 7, she was nowhere to be found. Cops say that while they were there, they interviewed multiple witnesses, including Ronnie, who told them that Jen punched him in the head and spit on him before taking off. The news outlet also reported that Ronnie also told police that he and Jen had been arguing since Wednesday when he found their dog dead at the bottom of their pool. Since the incident, the Las Vegas police department issued an arrest warrant for his ex who has yet to turn herself in.

Both Ronnie and Jen share a daughter, Ariana Sky, who was born earlier in the year before the couple called it quits.

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