Meghan Markle’s Sexy Pictures Could Cause Issues For The Cambridges

Meghan Markle’s past could come to haunt the Cambridges.

In 2012, Kate Middleton and Prince William were vacationing in France when photographers snapped up topless images of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing on a terrace. The images, where Prince William could be seen applying lotion on his wife’s skin, were published in France’s Closer magazine.

The magazine was promptly sued by the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, allegedly because the images outraged the modesty of the royal family.

As a result, a French court awarded more than $122,000 in compensation to Kate and Prince William despite the routine fines in privacy-related cases in France being less than $130.

But French lawyers for Closer magazine have appealed against the payout, with the process set to begin at the Versailles Appeal Court, west of Paris, tomorrow. The lawyers are expected to bring the newest member of the royal family, Meghan Markle, into the picture by claiming that Kate Middleton did not deserve the payout because modern members of the royal family have no problems in using their bodies for promotion.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the lawyers say that it is “hypocritical of the Cambridges to claim such a huge compensation when modern members of the royal family are happy with sexy photos.”

To back up their claim, the lawyers are expected to present “sexy” footage and pictures from Meghan Markle’s past work, one of which is a video — called “Grilling Never Looked So Hot With Meghan Markle” — which the Duchess of Sussex shot for Men’s Health magazine in 2013. In the video, the then-actress can be seen removing her shirt for the camera before seductively posing in shorts while grilling hamburgers.

Lawyers for Closer are also expected to use images which allegedly show Meghan stripping off to reveal her breasts on a beach before she started dating Prince Harry. Other sensational images from lingerie photoshoots taken during Meghan’s acting career could also be presented in the court.

The magazine’s lead lawyer for the case, Paul-Albert Iweins, argues that the compensation provided to Kate Middleton has been “exaggerated” widely for a simple privacy matter, especially as other members of the royal family have no problems posing for racy outlets.

Kensington Palace, in response to the the strategy adopted by the French lawyers, said that Meghan’s images could have possibly been tampered with — and even stolen — but they are readily available online for anyone to see.

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