Tristan Thompson’s Alleged Mistress Lani Blair Says She Doesn’t Credit Cheating Scandal For Her Fame

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship has been making headlines after the NBA star was busted cheating on his famous girlfriend back in April. Now, one of Tristan’s alleged mistresses, Lani Blair, is garnering some fame following the scandal.

According to a June 11 report by In Touch Weekly Magazine, Lani Blair is speaking out about Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal. The Instagram model has gained some popularity since she was spotted kissing Tristan Thompson last spring. However, Lani isn’t giving Tristan any credit when it comes to her fame.

When Lani Blair was asked if she thought Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal had anything to do with her fame, she revealed that she didn’t believe that the scandal helped her in that department, because she has “always had a solid fan base.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tristan Thompson’s girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian, allegedly believes that Lani Blair is profiting off her and Tristan’s names.

“Lani has been pitching herself all over the country to clubs trying to get paid to host parties all based on being Tristan’s side chick. Khloe has been made aware of Lani’s latest plan to capitalize on her connection to Tristan and she’s mad as hell, all over again.”

“She can not believe how low this girl will go. She is literally using Khloe’s name to make money after destroying her life. Khloe is beyond disgusted. Lani has her first appearance at a club in Vegas this weekend and Khloe is thinking of sending spies to bring back the dirt on this thirsty side piece. This girl is the enemy, you can see why she’d want to keep tabs on her,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

Over the weekend, Lani celebrated her birthday at the Crazy Horse 3 Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas. She wore a custom-made form-fitting pink dress with jewels on it and nude heels. Blair expressed her excitement over being in Vegas to celebrate her special day, but refused to answer any questions about Tristan Thompson. When asked about the cheating scandal, Lani revealed that she wasn’t even thinking about it, and that all she wanted to do was have fun and have a few drinks to celebrate her birthday.

Meanwhile, neither Khloe Kardashian nor Tristan Thompson have spoken publicly about the cheating scandal or Lani Blair. However, fans are hoping that Khloe may offer some insight during the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is set to premiere this summer.

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