Meghan Markle’s Off-The-Shoulder Dress Garners Her Support For Being A ‘Rebel’

At this weekend’s Trooping the Colour, Meghan Markle’s dress seems to be what everyone was talking about. The Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry’s new bride, wore a beautiful pale pink off-the-shoulder dress with a matching pink hat, and traditionalists were up in arms that her dress did not follow protocol, and that she was dressed “inappropriately for the occasion.”

By the way some people were commenting, you would think Markle wore a tube top and Daisy Dukes to the parade. People actually used words like sleazy, and saying that the dress “pushed the limits of good taste,” says Elite Daily writer Daniella Bondar.

“For real? This is truly exhausting.”

Bondar added that she had no idea that so many people could be so disturbed by the top of a woman’s shoulders and her (gasp) bare arms. Luckily, for all of the crazy comments, there were some really funny ones clapping back at the people who seemed a bit too focused on what Meghan Markle wore to the celebration for Prince Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Some of the comments seem to be racially driven, like @striamia who kept calling the Duchess of Sussex “Nutmeg” and said that Meghan obviously thought she was going to Coachella.

Most of the people who commented on Twitter seemed supportive of Markle, mocking those who suggested that there was something wrong with the way the Duchess of Sussex has turned out for the Trooping the Colour parade. One man said that Prince William’s balding head was showing more skin than Markle was.

Others were perplexed at the fuss.

“I think she looks very pretty. Everything is covered no boob hang out or flash of her undercarriage like the rest of Hollywood. If this was not ok I’m sure Harry would have told her if not the Queen will have someone give her the ‘protocol’ talk.”

One woman mentioned that when you look at the scandals that have surrounded the royal family, this seems like nothing.

“Camilla Parker is still a bigger scandal than what Meghan wore. Let’s not forget how inappropriate that is. If the queen doesn’t have a problem with that by now, Meghan’s dress shouldn’t either. By the way, I LOVE Meghan’s dress! Quite my taste! She’s beautiful!”

Some people sarcastically wondered how anything will ever be right in England again after the public saw Meghan’s shoulders.

“Oh, the humanity!! The crown is experiencing such unrest with two barely visible shoulders. Stop it!!”

But of all the comments, the ones that suggested Markle is doing a good job of shaking up a lot of stuffy people got the most support.

“You do you, Boo!”

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