Kristen Bell Finds Slug In Salad Prepared By Husband Dax Shepard

What’s a salad without a little bit of protein?

As many of their fans know, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard can often be seen joking around with each other in their respective Instagram stories and on their Instagram account in general. Yesterday was no exception for Bell, who got the surprise of her life while eating a salad.

In the video posted to her Instagram story, the actress shares a closeup of her bowl of salad, telling her fans that she was just enjoying her meal when she came upon an “unexpected friend for dinner,” a slug. The camera then pans over to Dax, who is sitting next to her, as he says that he hopes there are no slugs in his salad while Kristen laughs, saying that she also hopes that she didn’t eat any of his friends.

“This is exactly why you should only get McDonalds,” Dax jokes.

In the next part of the video, Kristen writes “Don’t ever let my husband wash your lettuce,” as Dax claims that he individually washed every single piece of lettuce. Kristen then tells fans that she is going to take the slug outside, but she still wants to finish her salad.

“Is it gross if I still eat the salad?” Bell asks her husband.

“You have to, he’s been in all the lettuce anyway” her husband quips back as the video ends.

In a recent post on her popular Instagram account, Bell shared a photo of herself and her husband Dax on a beach with lays around both of their necks. Kristen is wearing a long black and white dress while Dax looks dapper in a pair of khakis and a white button-down shirt. In the caption, Bell jokes that it was a lot easier for them to travel before having kids.

Not surprisingly, the photo has gained a ton of attention with over 634,000 likes as well as 3,000 comments in a month of being posted. Most fans commented on how much fun the couple appears to have together while countless other fans gushed over how good looking they are.

“The episode of his podcast where you were bickering at the beginning was great. I’m sure it was awkward but it was very authentic. Lol @ the toilet in the middle of the room.”

“You two really are the greatest! I’m obsessed with your acting since forever & listen to armchair expert every second,” another fan gushed.

It’s worth it to give this hilarious couple a follow on social media. You can follow Kristen on Instagram here and you can follow Dax on Instagram here.

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