‘Southern Charm’ Cast Has Thomas Ravenel Pegged As A Former Friend

Now that the Southern Charm reunion will be filmed tomorrow without cast member, Thomas Ravenel, but how much sway did the rest of the cast have in the decision to rescind his invitation? It seems that after a season of bad behavior by his girlfriend while he generally stood by and watched, the cast lost patience and have rallied around Kathryn, deciding to steer clear of Ravenel and the current investigation into sexual assault allegations against him.

But according to FitsNews, the cast, including Patricia Altschul now have Thomas Ravenel pegged and don’t believe all of the things he has said in the past about Kathryn. Bravo finally acknowledged that Ravenel will not be joining them for the Southern Charm reunion, but it’s not clear whether the network was pressured by the cast, who reportedly didn’t want to film with Ravenel.

A source close to the cast said that several people were vocal about avoiding Thomas if at all possible.

“We’re also told several cast members made it clear they would no longer feel comfortable filming scenes with the 55-year-old playboy.”

In terms of Southern Charm season 6, the same cast members are adamant that they don’t want to work with Thomas, and they are all firmly #TeamKathryn.

Even Southern Charm skeptic Cameran Eubanks has sided with Kathryn, inviting the tall redhead to lunch and even talking about setting up a playdate with her baby Palmer and the two little Ravenels. But perhaps the biggest Kathryn critic, Patricia Altschul has now done an about-face, rejecting Ravenel, who was thought to be a friend and his girlfriend, whom Ravenel had placed in Patricia’s capable hands for a Pretty Woman-style makeover.

Patricia and Kathryn have now mended fences and after a Twitter follower asked Mrs. Altschul if she was still close with Thomas, she posted a curt response, speaking for herself and her son, Whitney Sudler-Smith, who is also friends with Dennis once again.

“And people wonder if we are still their allies……we blocked #AshleyJacobs and #ThomasRavenel from all social media and from our lives.”

Patricia Altschul seems to have hoped that getting rid of Ravenel for the reunion also meant that he would take his plus one with him.

“Fortunately she is not a cast member on #SouthernCharm.”

But Patricia and the rest of the cast will have to breathe deeply and “think of England” as Ravenel’s girlfriend will be allowed to make a brief appearance on the Southern Charm reunion. Thomas’ constant plus one has admitted that she was not paid for the season of the show, and a source suggests that she’s getting peanuts for the reunion.

“Ashley was lowballed. They offered her next to nothing to film the reunion, but she wanted to go.”

Considering the embarrassing behavior at Hilton Head and the Southern Charm finale as seen in the flashback, it’s unclear why Thomas’ girlfriend would want to be with a group which has pegged her as Ravenel’s gold-digger.

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