Kim Jong-Un Flies To Singapore With A Portable Toilet To Deter Sewage Divers From Retrieving His Stool

A recent flight to Singapore by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un turned in to quite the ordeal, including decoy planes, a bulletproof vehicle, and means to keep his fecal matter extra private. Clearly transporting one of the most notorious men on the planet on an intercontinental flight takes a good amount of forward thinking.

The whole event was orchestrated with the intention to throw any potential attackers off, whether in the air or using surface-to-air weaponry.

According to Korean news outlet The Chosunilbo, three different planes departed North Korea one hour spaced apart from one another Sunday. The three aircraft were an IL-76, an Air China Boeing 747, and an older model Ilyushin IL-62. The North Koreans felt as though splitting between three airplanes would minimalize risk of attack on the one Kim Jong-un was riding in.

A UN Security Council resolution technically does not allow aircraft, ships, and crew to be lent to North Korea, but officials in Beijing reportedly received approval from Washington officials, which may stem from the recent attempts between North and South Korea as well as the United States to stabilize the region and denuclearize North Korea.

A government source in Singapore also stated to the Korean news outlet that “Tension was very high in North Korea, hence the secrecy.”

The IL-76 transport plane arrived first in Singapore, this aircraft carried specifically the leader’s preferred food as well as other daily essentials selected by Kim himself. His bullet-proof limousine and a portable toilet were also notably mentioned as riding on the IL-76 as well.

The reason the North Korean leader brought a portable toilet to Singapore with him is so that he can deter the possibility of any determined sewage divers being able to retrieve a sample of either urine or fecal matter of his. The concern arises from those people taking a sample and testing it in a scientific capacity to uncover personal information about the notably secretive Kim. This could include but not limited to his daily diet, potential consumption of drugs and/or alcohol, and also any potential health concerns he may be experiencing.

Kim Jong-un, being the sole leader of his nation, has established a public image with his constituents that he is akin to a superhuman. This facade of being flawless is one the leader maintains with utmost care, even going to the extent of having a separate plane carry a portable toilet that will be guarded to ensure a foreign operative in Singapore does not acquire his stool.

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