Meghan Markle Has A New In-House ‘Surprise Stylist’

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has a new in-house fashion stylist.

Speculations arose about who would be Markle’s go-to fashion person once she enters Kensington Palace. After all, it is a huge responsibility being a Duchess, and although Meghan boasted a refined sense of fashion even in her acting days, it is a different ball game when you are part of the royal family.

But one person who has been aiding Markle’s transition into royal life is her husband, Prince Harry. Ever since their engagement was announced last year, the Duke of Sussex has eased Meghan into her new life gradually, and now it seems he is also the one making fashion choices for her.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Prince Harry has been helping Meghan decide her attire for royal engagements. Since their wedding last month, Meghan has already had to make a few public appearances with the early celebration of Prince Charles’ birthday, as well as the annual Trooping the Color event which marks the commemoration of the sovereign’s birthday. But if Meghan would have had any jitters about what she should wear for these momentous occasions in her short royal life, Prince Harry has ensured the task did not turn too daunting.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex chat at the annual Trooping the Color in London.

According to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail, Meghan has always thought highly of Prince Harry’s fashion choices and craves his validation.

“Meghan is always asking Harry’s opinion. She really wants his views,” the source said.

As for Prince Harry, he loves helping his wife make the right decisions.

“He gives his views on what he thinks looks best, rather than helping her follow royal protocol on hemlines or anything like that. The joke is that Harry is Meghan’s surprise stylist.”

One can gauge Prince Harry’s involvement in helping decide Meghan Markle’s outfits by the fact that he regularly gives his opinions at all the meetings called by the special projects team at Stella McCartney, who has been tasked with designing Meghan’s outfits.

“The special projects team at Stella McCartney are working on a few more outfits for Meghan, and Harry always comes to design meetings and fittings to give his opinions on the looks.”

Moreover, as Prince Harry has already proved, he doesn’t mind breaking through the conventional barrier. As People reported, Meghan Markle’s Trooping the Color dress broke off with centuries-old tradition which dictated that the women in the royal family do not wear clothes which reveal their sleeves, but as was seen during the event, Meghan ditched them for good.

In times to come, we could surely expect Meghan’s new fashion expert to make more bold decisions for her, and we cannot wait for what the two of them come up with.

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