Woman Hit In Head By Bowl Of Pasta Awarded Over $100,000 By Jury

Throwing spaghetti and seeing what sticks may not be a smart option moving forward now that a Connecticut woman has been awarded more than $100,000 by a jury after she was struck in the head by a flying bowl of pasta. It seems that the negligence and battery suit brought by Constance Koulmey, the woman who was the unintended target of the pasta thrown by James Sweeney inside an Oakville restaurant, paid off, according to Fox61.com. Sweeney had been having an argument with another man at Roma’s Ristorante when he threw the offending object and missed his intended victim. Unfortunately, the spaghetti did indeed hit someone and the consequences were quite painful.

While criminal charges against Sweeney were dropped, he wasn’t able to skate the verdict awarded in this suit. According to Koulmey, via Fox News, she was walking toward the exit, “when suddenly and without warning, the pasta with hot and spicy fra diavolo sauce” was thrown at the man and “struck her about the head and face, causing the spicy sauce to drip down her head onto her face and in her eyes and further causing her to fall striking her head.” The identity of the intended victim has not been revealed, nor have any details about what the two men were arguing about so passionately that it warranted such a fiery outburst from Sweeney.

The incident happened back in March 2015, according to The Connecticut Law Tribune. Sweeney, a former New Jersey attorney, admitted to throwing the pasta but would not admit that he caused any injury. But the jury obviously saw things differently. Koulmey, a Connecticut resident, said she received a head injury with a resulting concussion and suffered from eye pain, headaches, and “daily severe back pain with radiating pain,” among other injuries, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by the Law Tribune.

“Said injuries includes the bones, glands, blood vessels, ligaments, soft tissues, tendons, cartilage, and nerves of the injured parts. All or some of said injuries or effects therefrom are, or likely to be, permanent in nature,” the suit continued. It also claimed that the woman had been “gainfully employed at the time of the incident, sustained a loss of wages, a loss of earning capacity and work-related benefits.” The suit also made mention of the damage made to a scarf and her fur coat. Hopefully, the $103,000 judgment will help Koulmey make a full recovery.

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