Mariah Carey’s Former Manager Blames The Singer For Her Financial Woes

A former manager for pop star Mariah Carey says that it’s her fault that she’s in financial distress.

Radar Online spoke to Stella Bulochnikov, who was recently fired as Mariah Carey’s manager. She states that she has been forced into financial distress thanks to the “Dream Lover” singer. Bulochnikov was forced to list her Calabasas mansion for sale for just under $5 million, and she says that she has to sell her house in order to pay off all her debts.

Bulochnikov, who is originally from Russia, claims that Carey failed to pay her for her services for the past two years and is considering suing the singer because she was “unjustly fired.”

Those who are interested in a real estate purchase will be pleased to know that the Calabasas home that’s currently for sale features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a series of other amenities spread out over more than 6,000 square feet.

The home also features custom landscaping, complete with a customized barbecue area, a spa in the master bedroom with specialty vanities, an extended walk-in shower, and even an in-home hair salon.

It’s unclear what a manager for Mariah Carey would require all of this for, but what is clear is that Bulochnikov has extreme buyer’s remorse.

Realtors in the area have told Bulochnikov that she could make more than $2 million in profit on her home, so she’s selling it to keep her children in private school.

For Bulochnikov, however, it’s not about selling the house so much as it is about the principle of the matter. She said that she’d like to sue Mariah Carey for wrongful termination because the singer continues to live a lavish lifestyle while still owing her money.

The former manager has also made several other outrageous claims against the singer.

She claims that in 2016, the singer suffered a mental breakdown and was subsequently placed on an involuntary 5150 hold.

She also claims that the singer sexually harassed her.

But the singer isn’t letting any of this get to her, as she’s planning her big comeback with her Las Vegas residency show called “The Butterfly Returns.”

The residency, which will take place at Caesar’s Palace beginning on July 5, is reportedly “giving Carey life” and giving her a newfound reason to push forward despite her problems.

To prepare for her “big Vegas comeback,” Mariah Carey is reportedly on a special slimming diet, taking voice lessons, and working out five days a week to be in the best physical and mental shape of her life.