‘Southern Charm New Orleans’ Rumored To Face Cancellation After Poor Reviews, Reagan And Jeff Charleston Split

Southern Charm New Orleans came to an end this month, and now poor reviews and the impending split for stars Reagan and Jeff Charleston has raised rumors that the show will be canceled.

The long-anticipated spinoff to the original Southern Charm series debuted this April but wasn’t a big hit with the critics or viewers. As NOLA.com noted, the show’s viewership fell steadily as the season went on, sinking to numbers that would put in in danger of being axed by Bravo. After debuting to nearly 1 million viewers, the show shed nearly half of those viewers as the season went on, leading to what will likely be its cancelation.

The show had more than a year of build-up after Bravo announced the spin-off, and was launched with considerable publicity around it. That could make the low ratings that much more difficult given what Bravo built into the series.

The impending divorce of stars Reagan and Jeff Charleston likely will not help the show’s chances of getting a second season. This week, the couple announced that they planned to split after six years of marriage. The debut season of Southern Charm New Orleans focused heavily on what was presented as an idyllic marriage, and it is unclear how their split would throw a wrench into a possible Season 2.

The couple announced their split this week after the final episode of the season aired.

“Jeff and I have decided to separate and are devoting time to re-establishing a great friendship while focusing on personal growth apart,” Reagan said in a statement to People magazine. “We are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for us.”

There were some other failings that point toward cancellation for Southern Charm New Orleans. The hometown newspaper NOLA.com noted that the show tried to insert some New Orleans flavor, but ultimately fell flat and left it with little to differentiate from the countless other reality shows on television.

“But those are mere surface distractions meant mostly for the fine folks in Poughkeepsie,” the review noted. “Once you get past them — and even Poughkeepsie will, one must suspect — Southern Charm New Orleans feels remarkably ordinary, built less around the city’s singular energy and more around staged conversations, ginned-up histrionics and eye-rollingly clumsy attempts at being edgy.”

While the signs may not be good and rumors pointing toward cancellation, Bravo has not yet announced any decision on whether Southern Charm New Orleans will get a second season.

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