Jill Duggar Shares Baby Samuel Update Featuring Photo Of Derick Dillard, Whose Pit Stains Don’t Go Unnoticed

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard wanted to make their fans laugh by putting a goofy new twist on the baby updates that they share on social media. However, all many of the couple’s critics could talk about was the sweat stains underneath Derick’s armpits in one of Jill’s Instagram photos.

As many Duggar fans know, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have their own unique way of keeping their fans updated on how much their children have grown. They started the tradition with their oldest son Israel. When he turned 1-month-old, they snapped a photo of Israel dressed up in a white onesie with a large sticker on his chest noting his age. They did this each time he turned one month older, occasionally sharing the photos on Instagram.

The decal that the couple used for their monthly updates featured a likeness of Pistol Pete, the school mascot for Oklahoma State University. The college is Derick’s old alma mater, and Pistol Pete is near and dear to him because both he and his father donned the mascot costume while they were students there.

Sadly, Jill and Derick will soon run out of their latest round of Pistol Pete stickers. They’ve also been using them to document the growth of their youngest son Samuel, who recently turned 11-months-old. Once he hits the year mark, the sticker updates will stop. However, the parents devised a fun way to bid adieu to the Instagram updates. In a slideshow featuring seven photos and one video, Jill Duggar playfully mocked their own behavior by imagining how ridiculous it would be if she and Derick continued the updates until her sons were grown men.

In the second image that the Duggar daughter included in the slideshow, Israel has a piece of paper stuck to his chest noting that he is 38-months-old. Instead of trying to draw Pistol Pete on the piece of paper, Jill and Derick decided to place a stuffed version of the mascot beside him.

In the third slideshow photo, Derick Dillard is making a goofy face and lying on a bed with his arms sprawled out at his sides. He also has the Pistol Pete toy beside him and a piece of paper taped to his chest. It reads, “351 months.” The other images in the slideshow are cute outtakes of Israel and Samuel crawling around him and messing with his face.

Some of Jill’s Instagram followers responded to the photos by remarking that they were “creative” and “hilarious,” but others couldn’t get past the stains underneath Derick’s armpits.

“Who wants to see pit stains? It is beyond gross. Honestly, you should be embarrassed,” wrote one commenter.

“Eww at least wear a clean shirt! That’s so nasty,” another remarked.

Luckily for Derick, there’s always a Duggar fan willing to jump to his defense, even it means trying to explain why sharing a snapshot of a sweat stain on social media is a positive thing to do.

“It’s just an undershirt. This is real life not everything is perfect. That’s what I love about her pics. They are spur of the moment, everything doesn’t need to be impressive,” wrote Derick’s defender. “On IG everything is always staged so you only see the good stuff. Not reality, like sweaty people and messy houses. Enjoying your family is more important.”

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