NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Eyeing A Move Up For Luka Doncic, According To ‘Bleacher Report’

Luka Doncic is heavy on the minds of the Los Angeles Clippers. There is are some rumblings that the Clippers are willing to move up in the NBA draft to take Doncic if the opportunity presents itself. Bleacher Report is citing that the Los Angeles Clippers could be exploring ways to move up to take Luka Doncic.

According to the report, the Los Angeles Clippers are facing the prospects of rebuilding their roster. The Clippers will be looking at several ways of getting younger, while putting together a winning team. In order to do that, the Clippers have to part ways with the lone remaining member of their core: DeAndre Jordan.

DeAndre Jordan is expected to opt out of the final year of his contract. According to USA Today, Jordan wants to play for the Houston Rockets. If Jordan does opt for NBA free agency, that will free up some cap flexibility for the Clippers going forward.

Salary flexibility will be key for the Los Angeles Clippers a year from now. Barring any unexpected interest from NBA free agents to-be LeBron James and Paul George, the Clippers will likely stay quiet this offseason and focus on 2019.

Having a young up-and-coming star waiting in the wings would help entice a loaded 2019 free agency class that includes Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard. That young star could be Luka Doncic.

Luka Doncic is poised to become a fan favorite if he can replicate his Real Madrid performances.

In the right system, Luka Doncic can become a star. What it will take for that to happen is for him to land with the right NBA franchise. What the Clippers have to offer is a large market, an opportunity for Doncic to play immediately, and a proven head coach. If the Clippers somehow are able to trade up to draft Doncic, they will have everything in place for him to be successful.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Clippers gave Doc Rivers a contract extension. That is huge for anyone that the Clippers take in the upcoming NBA Draft.

With Doc Rivers in the fold for the foreseeable future, the Clippers’ front office have to be diligent in providing him foundational players. Luka Doncic fits that model.

The Los Angeles Clippers may have their eyes on Luka Doncic, however, it will take some luck and a team willing to trade down. The Clippers have two picks, numbers 12 and 13, which they are willing to trade. If Luka Doncic falls past the third pick, the Memphis Grizzlies may be willing to trade their pick, which is fourth.

A trade involving the Clippers and their back-to-back picks, along with a player such as Sindarius Thornwell or C.J. Williams for the Grizzlies’ pick would make sense. The Clippers would be able to take Luka Doncic, while the Grizzlies would have a strong shot at drafting Michigan State’s Miles Bridges. The Grizzlies have a desire for a wing player and Bridges is one of the better wing players in this year’s draft.

In the end, the Los Angeles Clippers may not get their wish, as other teams will target Luka Doncic as well. The next couple of weeks, regarding the Clippers, will be telling.

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