Bella Thorne Shows Off Armpit Hair While Wearing A See-Through Bikini

Depending on your point of view, the growing trend of armpit hair on female celebrities is either a good or a bad thing; but either way, Bella Thorne is the latest celebrity to join the bandwagon as she showed off her au naturel look paired with a see-through black bikini while vacationing on the beach.

The Daily Mail has the latest pictures of Bella Thorne in her unaltered state. The former Disney star was caught splashing on the beach wearing a wide variety of chunky jewelry while showing off her armpit hair. Her see-through black bikini was a thong bikini and showed off her enviable assets.

Bella Thorne was joined by her boyfriend, 31-year-old Mod Sun, on the beach vacation. And since he didn’t seem to mind his girlfriend’s new look, neither do we.

Mod Sun, for his part, was a lot more casual than his dressed-to-impress girlfriend, pairing ripped jeans with mismatched socks and crusty old sneakers.

After they spent time on the beach, Bella also put a pair of crusty old sneakers on as well, indicating her devil-may-care attitude; a refreshing switch from the over-prepared starlets of today.

Initially, onlookers thought that the duo was on a “romantic vacation” together, but Bella Thorne actually brought along her sister, Dani, as well.

This isn’t the first time that Bella has gotten risque with her shoots; she’s done several topless shoots before, as well.

There’s a method to Bella Thorne’s figurative madness, as well; according to Narcity, she wanted to get away from her “good girl” image that she cultivated over the years as the star of Disney’s Shake It Up.

Bella told the outlet that she likes the “darker things” in life, and isn’t afraid to walk on the wild side to appeal to her darker side.

What’s more, Bella also said that she was motivated to “go darker” when she broke up with Scott Disick and, subsequently, went through the death of her follow-up boyfriend, rapper Lil’Peep.

Another thing that inspired Bella to go “darker” with her image is the fact that she turned 18-years-old, and felt that she no longer needed “permission” from others to project the image that she wanted to project. She no longer needed to ask photographers to delete pictures of her with her boyfriend, and neither did she have to avoid her “darker side” because of her Disney past.

Bella Thorne is definitely not afraid to be herself.

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