‘Sense8’: The Series Finale Was Released On Netflix, Did It Deliver?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the series finale of Sense8.

Sense8 is centered around eight strangers or “sensates” who are consciously connected to one another to the point where they could see and essentially be one another through each other’s eyes individually or all at the same time. As the Inquisitr previously reported, news that Netflix decided to cancel the beloved series after Season 2 did not resonate well with Sense8 fans, especially considering the finale ended with a major cliff-hanger.

Rumor was that the show was too expensive for the streaming platform to produce as each of the sensates occupied the U.S., Germany, India, England, Kenya, Mexico, and South Korea respectively. Luckily, Netflix agreed to bring Sense8 back for an epic two-and-a-half hour series finale to give fans the answers they yearned for. The series finale was released on Friday and the question now is, did it deliver?

After capturing Whispers and Jonas to save their fellow captured sensates, Wolfgang, Will, Nomi, Sun, Lito, Kala (who is married, but in love with Wolfgang), Riley and Capheus are all together in person for the first time in two seasons. Along with Lito’s boyfriend, Hernando, and their friend, Daniella, Nomi’s fiance, Amanita, and their friend, Bug, the cluster is held up in Paris as they work on an elaborate plan to not only save their friend, but to finally put an end to the BPO organization that will stop at nothing to see them all dead.

Meanwhile, while Whispers is currently locked in a basement dungeon, doped up on blockers, and Jonas is chained up to a radiator, Wolfgang is tethered down at a BPO lab, hooked up to machines. In an attempt to escape, Wolfgang breaks free from his confinements and manages to kill several BPO soldiers. He then discovers a room filled with victims who are part of BPO’s drone program, but has no idea idea the reasoning behind it until later on.

The exchange of Whispers for Wolfgang sends the cluster to a Parisian nightclub. Lila Facchini, a BPO collaborator with a cluster of her own, heads up the exchange, but ultimately has her own plans. The exchange goes down in a way that was not anticipated, and Lila escapes with Whispers, but instead of handing him over to BPO directly, takes him as a hostage instead.

Paris reunites Kala with her husband, Rajan, who came worriedly looking for her after BPO targeted her family. Sun is also reunited with Detective Mun, the man who was shot in the Season 2 finale after trying to arrest her brother on corruption charges.

The cluster learns that BPO is hunting down sensates in a desperate means to wipe out sensates in general. They also learn that Whispers himself was born of a cluster, whom he then murdered. With an overwhelming fear of dying, they discover that the drones Wolfgang saw earlier are a means for Whispers to essentially live forever by consciously inhabiting their minds.

The unforeseen change of events send the sensates and their respective allies to Naples, Italy, which is where Lila lives. In a brave attempt to steal Whispers, Kala is shot by Lila and almost dies. In the ultimate showdown, Lila is about to hand over Whispers to the chairman and Will finds out from Jonas that their cluster mother, Angelica, once tried to kill the chairman as he races to stop Lila.

Jonas is able to gain control over the brain of one of the drones who is accompanying the chairman, who he then kills. Lila and Whispers attempt to escape in a BPO helicopter, but Will, or Wolfgang rather, blows the helicopter up, thereby killing everyone in it.

The end of the finale sees Nomi and Amanita getting married at the top of the Eiffel Tower among their friends, their families and their friends families. A night of passion between the sensates and their respective partners ultimately ends up with everyone being able to share the experience together.

So, did the finale deliver?

Fans believe so as the fate of the cluster was told. They all got their own happy ending. The series finale was titled “Amor Vincit Omnia,” which translates to the famous quote, “Love Conquers All,” which seems very fitting because what held and drove the cluster was their love for each other and the people around them.

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