Kate Middleton Saved The Day At Trooping The Colour When Princess Charlotte Fell

Princess Charlotte fell during Trooping The Colour, the annual birthday celebration for Queen Elizabeth II, but Kate Middleton saved the day thanks to her quick mom reflexes.

People reported that Princess Charlotte enjoyed the Royal Air Force flypast at Trooping The Colour. However, at one point, she looked into her booklet, and then excitedly over the balcony, and she lost her balance. Thankfully, Super Mom Kate Middleton was there to help steady her 3-year-old daughter.

Still, the incident left the little girl shaken, and Princess Charlotte began to cry, so the Duchess of Cambridge scooped her up and comforted her in her arms. After a bit of soothing from her mom, Charlotte was able to enjoy the event once more, and she clapped excitedly during the rest of the flypast and later went on to stand by her brother, Prince George and the Queen’s great-granddaughter, Savannah Phillips, their cousin.

Speaking of Savannah, Time reported that at one point during the event, she put her hand over Prince George’s mouth and hushed him because he was talking too much. Yes, Prince George who is the future King of England.

Trooping The Colour is held the second Saturday each June to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday. This year, she turned 92 on April 21, her real birthday. This public celebration is held during the typically sunny summer month.

Prince Louis, who is just 7-weeks-old, did not appear at the event because he is too young. In seeing the Duchess of Cambridge’s quick moves and beautiful outfit at the birthday event, it’s difficult to believe that she gave birth just seven weeks ago.

Before the balcony incident, an impeccably dressed Middleton rode with her step-mother-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles in an open top carriage. Both women matched in pale blue dresses, according to an Inquisitr report.

Today wasn’t the first time the possible future Queen of England comforted Princess Charlotte. When the then family of four traveled to Hamburg, Germany last July, the little girl began to cry as they walked across the tarmac to board the plane back home. Kate quickly knelt down and calmed down her daughter, and later, Prince Charles helped carry her onto the plane to return to England.

The good news about today’s incident is Charlotte wasn’t injured by her little tumble. From the looks of things, she only cried because it’s disconcerting to fall, especially when so many people are around and looking. Kate’s quick reflexes certainly helped prevent a possible disaster.

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