Fun Day For Jill Duggar And Family Turns Into A Lesson On Duck And Geese Feeding

It looks like no matter what Jill Duggar does these days, someone always finds something wrong with it. It’s just the way it goes with her and her outspoken husband, Derick Dillard. What could be wrong with a nice day in the park with your family? Feeding time with the ducks and geese got a few comments from people after the former reality star parents posted a few photos and videos on the Dillard Family blog.

Jill and Derick took their two kids, Israel and Samuel, to the park for a picnic. They called it their family fun day. There are a few videos of Israel and Derick over by the pond feeding the ducks and geese who were waiting anxiously for food. Another video had the family eating at the picnic table with the geese looking on. A few were pretty close to Israel and one of them was open to snatching that sandwich right out of his hand.

Jill was heard talking as she was filming her family’s time at the park. She was heard talking about moldy bread and choosing to save it for the animals to feed them. That got some people taking to Twitter, where both Jill and Derick posted the videos as well, to let them know that it’s a very bad idea to feed ducks and geese bread, let alone moldy bread.

According to Popular Science, white bread is considered junk food because of the non-nutritional value. It can make these animals obese and sick. Apparently, they can get what is called angel wing, which is a deformity of their wings that can leave them grounded for life. They suggest feeding them corn, peas, seeds, and rice as much better options.

As for Jill Duggar and her family, Israel had a blast feeding the little guys and girls of the animal variety their treats. At one point, they were surrounded by the geese. Little Samuel was content just to chill out in his stroller taking plenty of naps while everyone else did their thing.

It looks like they ended their family fun day with doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. After all, it was free doughnut day and no one can resist that, especially the Duggar family. That in itself usually brings on the comments from those who feel like they shouldn’t be taking advantage of the free stuff.

There have been rumors floating around that Jill Duggar may be pregnant with her third child, but since she wasn’t in any of the photos this time, fans aren’t able to get a glimpse of a possible baby bump. Maybe next time. There are sure to be plenty of future opportunities since both Jill and Derick have been quite active on social media lately.

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