‘Southern Charm’ Escort Rumors Teased For Finale Surface On Podcast

Season 5 of Southern Charm started off with a glimpse at the finale that was also in the teaser for the season. Fans didn’t realize how things would be shaken up this season, and how allegiances would change. But since the group went to Hilton Head, it’s obvious that Kathryn now has friends, and Thomas is on the outs thanks in part to his current girlfriend, and the allegations made against him by three separate women.

In the Bravo teaser, Austen is shown asking Thomas if his girlfriend is an escort, and Jennifer overhears them, yelling “did you just call her a hooker?” This rumor has made its way around social media, and was hinted at on the Hilton Head trip when Craig asked Thomas if he pays all of his girlfriend’s bills, and was joked about when the girlfriend continued to make Pretty Woman references, but at the Winter Ball thrown by Patricia, everything finally reached its peak, and someone finally asked Thomas about the call girl rumor point blank.

But this week on the podcast, Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald, the rumor is fully let out of the bag, and obviously, it’s juicier than anything fans have heard before.

Heather McDonald did a live version of her show, Juicy Scoop, in Philadelphia where she dished some serious Southern Charm dirt. She said that Thomas Ravenel will not be at the reunion because he was asked not to come, and also, his lawyers suggested that with pending litigation involving sexual assault accusations, it’s not a good idea. She also bet a woman in the audience that Ravenel would not be returning next season.

But the juicier scoop was about the accusations that will be in the Southern Charm season finale, only McDonald went into more detail. McDonald said that the buzz she heard was about how Thomas really met his girlfriend out in California and that they didn’t so much fall in love as he hired her to come to Charleston to be his girlfriend for the season of the hit Bravo show.

And more than that, former cast member Landon was allegedly the one who introduced Ravenel and his girlfriend on this season’s show. McDonald confirmed that Ravenel’s girlfriend is a hospice nurse, but that she also had a history of only dating older wealthy men back in Santa Barbara.

On Reddit, there is a page that talks about McDonald’s show, adding a few more details.

“Ashley came out to Charleston with the intention of getting on the show. Apparently, Thomas wanted to leave the show sometime during filming, but Ashley threatened to expose him and her and their whole situation, so he stayed on.”

It’s fair to say that the Southern Charm reunion should be interesting, especially since Thomas Ravenel isn’t coming, but the girlfriend is, just to be confronted by the rest of the cast.

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