Country Singer Chely Wright Expecting Twins

Singer Chely Wright is expecting twins with her wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wright. The couple announced their pregnancy on Wednesday.

Wright and her wife are expecting identical twins, which will arrive sometime in June. They made the happy announcement on Howard Bragman’s YouTube show Gwissues.

Yahoo! News reports that Wright, who is carrying the twins, stated:

“They are due in July, but with identical twins you typically have to deliver a month early.”

The country singer added of her pregnancy:

“When gay couples have babies, it’s logistically a little different than when straight people have babies, as we all know. It’s been an [amazing] experience.”

The couple was married in August 2011 and are very excited to become parents. Blitzer-Wright stated of the experience:

“Even learning about the reproductive systems and how that works … you learn so many things.”

PEOPLE notes that Wright shows off her small bump in the video, which will get much bigger, because the singer is expecting twins. She stated, “We’re anticipating I’ll be as big as a … bus or an A-frame house by around June.”

Chely Wright came out publicly in May 2010 and met then-Lauren Blitzer just two weeks later. They got married in a homespun ceremony in August 2011. Wright stated that she has been suffering some morning sickness so far in the evenings. She added:

“We feel like God blessed us with twins. We feel our entire relationship has been blessed. We feel lucky and ready to take on the challenges.”

The singer’s wife stated that the twins they are expecting will be an “adventure.” They added they are eager to embark on the next journey of motherhood.

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