‘Love Island’ Contestant Adam Collard Had A Major Transformation, Fans Can’t Believe What He Used To Look Like

Things are heating up quickly on the ITV reality television show Love Island and spoilers hint that things could get interesting in regards to contestant Adam Collard. Viewers are definitely buzzing about Adam and many would be shocked to see what he used to look like. What’s the scoop on Collard?

Adam Collard got this season of Love Island off to a steamy start when he locked lips with Kendall Rae-Knight. However, he also charmed Rosie Williams into a smooch and this fitness expert is clearly confident that he’ll do well this season. Based on the transformation he’s made since committing himself to fitness, it’s easy to see why the ladies might find it hard to resist him.

Collard’s Instagram page shows the intense transformation he’s going through. The Love Island star has made a career out of being fit and leading other people through a fitness transformation for themselves, and he’s not shy about sharing how far he’s come.

Adam’s social media page is filled with selfies highlighting his workouts and muscular physique and it looks like the female contestants on Love Island can’t help but take notice. Of course, Collard’s antics with pursuing Rosie while being paired with Kendall has generated a lot of intense reactions from fans and he may find that his confidence ultimately backfires on him.


A fair number of Love Island fans concede that Adam is good-looking but also feel that he perhaps has an overly-inflated ego. Many feel that Kendall deserves better anyway, especially as Collard griped about Rae-Knight’s “insecurities.” Spoilers hint that things will get juicy as these dynamics play out and viewers are anxious to see what comes next.

In addition to Adam’s major transformation, the Sun notes that he’s quite set financially and any lady who captures his heart can look forward to some fabulous vacations and a life of luxury. His father is reportedly a well-known property developer who has built substantial wealth over the years, but Adam apparently doesn’t share too much in the way of specifics with the ladies early on in his relationships.

Collard may not brag about the money he seemingly stands to inherit, but he doesn’t exactly live the life of a pauper either. He loves the high-end brands Louis Vuitton and Hermes, and he’s done plenty of traveling around the world, including to exotic locations like Bali and the Maldives.

Will Adam Collard’s quest to find love on Love Island be successful? Will he open up to the ladies about his transformation and what he used to look like or will he focus on his other attributes that he may think will charm his female contestants? Spoilers tease that this season will have a lot of great stuff to watch and everybody will be curious to see how well Collard does.

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