‘Halloween’ Trailer: Michael Myers & Laurie Strode Return For Scary New Sequel

The brand new, full-length Halloween trailer has finally dropped. The trailer features Jamie Lee Curtis’s iconic character, Laurie Strode, as well as one of the most recognizable horror villains of all time, Michael Myers.

According to a June 8 report by Hollywood Life, the first full Halloween trailer was released on Friday, and fans are already going crazy over the new footage online. Although there have been a ton of Halloween sequels in the four decades since the original movie was released, this latest installment forgoes those sequels and is meant to be a direct follow-up to the original film from 1978.

In the trailer, Jamie Lee Curtis’s character, Laurie, is seen 40 years older and wiser when it comes to dealing with the murderous Michael Myers. The trailer reveals that Michael has been locked away in a mental institution for four decades since the night of his first attacks in the original film. A group of investigators stir up the past when they decide to look into the murders, and they pay Myers a visit at the mental institution.

Meanwhile, Laurie Strode is still living, seemingly in Haddonfield, but has been preparing for the day when Michael Myers comes for her again. She is seen stepping into a secret lair in her home and heard saying that she prays every night for Michael to escape so that she can kill him. When Michael escapes again, Laurie reveals that they’ve each been waiting for one another to have a final showdown.

In order for Halloween fans to fully immerse themselves in this movie, they will have to forget everything they know about Laurie Strode and Michael Myers from the sequels and remakes. Although the original Halloween film did have a direct sequel, titled Halloween 2, which was set on the same night as Michael’s original killing spree and featured Jamie Lee Curtis, the newest movie will forget all of that, as well as the happenings of Halloween H20, which featured Laurie Strode’s character as the headmistress of a posh private school upon moving on with her life and changing her name. In another sequel, she is seen being killed by Michael Myers.

In the sequels, it was revealed that Laurie Strode had a son and a daughter. However, the new film won’t acknowledge any of that either. In the latest Halloween film, it seems that all bets are off and fans can expect a whole new storyline.

Halloween is scheduled to be released into theaters on October 19.

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