The #SaveLucifer Campaign Heats Up As Kevin Alejandro Discusses Possible ‘New Home’ For ‘Lucifer’

The #SaveLucifer campaign to revive the wildly popular FOX drama Lucifer continues to grow as Tom Ellis has returned to Los Angeles to work with producers to “find a home” for the show, while Kevin Alejandro also discusses the distinct possibility of a “new home.”

According to the Express, Alejandro explained that the creators of Lucifer are all exceedingly keen to find a new home for the program and that with so many possible options available, it is all down to having the right conversations with the appropriate people and networks.

“I’m sure that if there is a platform where Lucifer can exist again, I know that our team of filmmakers – the Jerry Bruckheimer team, Peter Roth and everyone who loves the show as much as us. I’m sure that they will have the right conversations and if everything makes sense then, yes, we would all love to move forward in a new home for Lucifer. And the fact that no one is telling us that there is no chance, gives us all hope. And it’s because of how loud our audience is speaking.”

Rachael Harris, who played the charming therapist who tried to solve all of the supernatural psychological issues involved with her otherworldly clients, recently spoke about the #SaveLucifer campaign on Twitter, citing ratings by PeerLogix that showed binge-watching trends on television.

The organization noted that when it came to viewers binge-watching television shows for the week ending June 3, Lucifer was just under Westworld and Game of Thrones with 56,000 hours of the drama streamed by fans.

This clearly shows that television viewing habits today are markedly different when measured by the amount of a show that is streamed rather than relying on the more traditional method of determining a show’s ratings, something the #SaveLucifer campaign continues to point out.

Lucifer star Tom Ellis brought this important point home when he mused that FOX had almost certainly chosen to cancel the show and remove it from their schedule after viewing the ratings toward the end of Season 3, noting that traditional ratings really only reveal how many viewers are watching a show on that particular network, as the Express report.

“Ratings only reflect how many people are watching the show on that network. What it doesn’t do is tell the story of fans’ passion and social media does tell that story.”

Because of this, Ellis has based himself in Los Angeles once again and is working diligently by “putting his energy” into the #SaveLucifer campaign and working with the show’s creators and producers to “find a home” for the show so that fans will finally be able to count on Season 4.

With millions of fans solidly behind the #SaveLucifer campaign and so many networks and streaming options available right now, it seems a safe bet that Lucifer will be making its way back to television screens around the world.

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