Sean Lowe Talks Family, Pets, Adoption, And How To Tell Kids About ‘Cheesy’ Reality Show

Sean Lowe has definitely moved on from his Bachelor days. It has been five years since he got down on one knee to propose to the love of his life, Catherine Giudici, on the ABC reality show. Four years and two kids later, they are living the good life in Dallas, Texas. He recently had a chat with E! News about his family and the new project that he has recently gotten involved in.

Sean and Catherine just welcomed Isaiah Hendrix into the world in May. He joins big brother Samuel, who turns 2-years-old next month. The 34-year-old reality star said that they are both doing good, and he and his wife are already thinking about adding to their growing brood. However, they are leaning more towards adopting a child the next time around. He and Catherine became interested in the prospect of adoption after seeing how his sister’s two adopted girls are thriving. He said he was impacted by how much those girls’ lives had changed for the better and he and his wife would love to do the same.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that this couple won’t be trying for another biological child of their own. With having two boys, Sean Lowe touched on the prospect of having a little girl that may turn out to look more like her mom. Samuel is a smaller version of Sean and it looks like this new baby may be following in his footsteps as well.

Both Sean and Catherine post plenty of videos and photos of their life as a family. If you have been following their Instagram, you may know that Samuel is into kissing his little bro, like 100 times a day, as Lowe jokingly says. Now that he has a toddler to run around after, he is one busy guy.

However, he is not too busy to take time out to get involved in a worthy project called the Banfield Foundation. This organization helps pet owners to prepare for a potential disaster, as Lowe explains.

“They’ve got these great disaster preparedness kits, so your dog has essentials, food, water, things like that for worst-case scenarios, and then there are simple things you can do, too. Make sure your dog has an ID tag and microchipping. Make sure you have a picture of your pet in case you were to lose them somehow. So, we’re getting the word out about that and it’s a fantastic organization.”

Sean Lowe is one cool guy and he has a keen sense of humor as well. Most of his Twitter followers love his daily posts, joking, of course, about his wife and kids. He told E! News that he will someday have to explain to his kids how he and Catherine met on a “cheesy reality show.” He humorously said that he would tell them that he was traveling the world and met their mother, and that’s how they came along. They are living proof that maybe a reality show does work once in a while.

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