NBA Rumors: DeAndre Jordan Wants To Sign With Houston Rockets In Free Agency

DeAndre Jordan is scheduled to hit free agency this coming offseason and there are quite a few teams who are going to throw a big contract offer his way. While the Los Angeles Clippers would love to be able to re-sign him, it is very likely that Jordan will test the market and find another team that he likes more. Rumors have begun swirling that he could end up joining a serious title contender this offseason.

According to a report from USA Today reporter Kelly Iko, Jordan would like to sign with the Houston Rockets in free agency. That destination is a bit of a surprise, especially with the Rockets wanting to ink Clint Capela to a new contract.

Replacing Capela with Jordan would be a step in the wrong direction for Houston. Capela showed the ability to take over games at times on the boards and he also showed an improving offensive game. Jordan is aging and simply won’t be worth the money that he gets at the end of his contract.

During the 2017-18 NBA season with the Clippers, Jordan averaged 12.0 points, 15.2 rebounds, and 0.9 blocks per game. There were some major pros for Jordan this season, but there were also some massive negatives.

Houston put together an impressive all-around season, finishing in first place in the regular season NBA standings. They were able to make a run in the playoffs, unfortunately falling to the Golden State Warriors in seven games. James Harden and Chris Paul were excellent in the postseason, and the Rockets were just a few threes away from moving on to the NBA Finals.

Jordan’s season could have gone much better, especially on the offensive end of the court. He did not show any improvement, even in a bigger role, which was a disappointment for the Clippers. His defense also lacked a bit at times, as he finished with an average of less than one block per game.

If the Rockets were to sign Jordan, they would be getting a less-talented version of Capela. Keeping Capela should be their primary objective this offseason, with signing Jordan being a backup plan in case he signs an offer sheet that Houston does not want to match.

At 29-years-old, Jordan is heading into the final stages of his prime. His frustration with the Clippers has shown over the last couple of years and it seems like he may finally be on his way out of town.

Expect to see the Rockets look to make a move or two this offseason to finally get past Golden State in 2018-19. Jordan may end up being a backup plan, but making him a primary free agency target would be a huge mistake.

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