Kym Herjavec’s Twins Wear A Tutu And A Tux In New Pic

Kym Herjavec posted yet another adorable photo of her baby twins, except this time, they’re sporting some snazzy outfits. Hudson Robert is wearing a tux with a somewhat disconcerted expression, while Haven Mae looks sweet in a tutu.

Kym is married to Robert Herjavec, best known for his role as an investor on Shark Tank. The couple welcomed their newborns into the world on April 23 of this year after an in vitro fertilization treatment, detailed People.

Although this is the first time Kym has had kids, Robert has three kids from a prior marriage. Kym was super excited about her kids.

“I was so excited. It’s a miracle. It’s amazing… Obviously, I am going to have my hands full—definitely for the first three months or so,” she said. She was fully embracing her pregnancy with all of its ups and downs, saying that, “It’s just so great to see how your body takes over and changes everyday. My advice to any mum-to-be is to stay positive and as stress-free as possible,” reported E! Online.

Kym also added on an Instagram post on Mother’s Day.

“I’m just a rookie at this job and learning every day but I’ve never done anything more challenging or amazing!” she captioned it.

The Herjavecs got married on July 31, 2016, at the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. It appears that the two hit it off right away.

“When I met Kym, I felt complete. I’m so excited about everything we have to look forward to,” Robert said.

The two met on Dancing with the Stars when they were matched up as partners. Prior to their meeting, Robert was reeling from a painful divorce, and he even opened up and said that he had contemplated suicide. For Robert, being able to move on from his past and meet Kym was an incredible life change for him, even though he assumed that he might be alone. He said that when he met her, “it was like a ray of sunshine,” reported People.

And indeed, since the two were on Dancing with the Stars up until the now, the couple is usually photographed with beaming smiles.

Herjavec founded Herjavec Group and is an expert in IT security. He’s also been featured on the angel-investor show Shark Tank.

The couple has been pretty open and public about their relationship and personal life, as Kym shared photos of her babies soon after their birth. Fans look forward to watching their precious twins grow up.

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