‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 6 Gets July Premiere Date

Warning: This article contains Season 5 spoilers of Orange is the New Black.

The wait is finally over! Variety has reported that Netflix officially announced that Season 6 of the hit all-female prison dramedy, Orange Is the New Black, will premiere on the popular streaming platform on Friday, July 27. Fans might have been getting a little anxious, as the announcement from Netflix on Tuesday arrived a little later than usual. Aside from Season 1, which premiered in July as well, OITNB fans had become accustomed to the new seasons being released in June.

As per usual, Netflix also released a teaser for its fans and the Season 6 teaser might leave fans on the edge of their seats. It also might leave fans scratching their heads as to why there is a chicken roaming around.

The Season 5 finale left fans with many, many questions, which should hopefully be answered in the new season. In the teaser we can hear Piper (Taylor Schilling) say, “It’s a whole new world.” With Litchfield being no more, the obvious question is, what will become of the women as the finale saw them being carted away on separate buses to different prisons?

Season 5 saw the women of Litchfield take over the prison in a three-day riot following the death of Samira Wiley’s character, Poussey, in Season 4, when news spread that the officer responsible, CO Bayley, was not going to be punished in any way. Prison favorite, Taystee, confronted Caputo before some of the women ultimately decided to lock him in a port-a-potty. In later episodes, Taystee and Caputo joined forces with Natalie in order to end the riot and meet the women’s demands. In the end, however, they are too late as officers finally stormed the prison and remove all the women.

Lorna came to terms with the fact the she was pregnant, Piper and Alex rekindled their romance, and Poussey’s girlfriend, Brook, tried to pick the pieces of her life with Poussey no longer by her side. Best friends Maritza and Flaca tearfully said goodbye to one another once they realized they would not be going to the same prison together. Daya shot an officer in the leg and found that she had no one to turn to as her mother, Aleida, was released from prison and watched the riot unfold as it made the news. Pennsatucky escaped the prison and sought shelter in the home of CO Coates, the officer she had been having some sort of a relationship with.

A group of women including Piper, Alex, Red, Blanca, Nicky, Taystee, Cindy, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes,” and Gloria barricaded themselves in a hidden room that used to be a swimming pool. There they held Officer Piscatella, the disciplinarian, hostage until they ultimately let it him go. However, as officers stormed the hallway, releasing tear gas leading to the hidden room, Piscatella emerged and was immediately shot dead. Who will take the blame? The woman joined hands as they awaited their fate.

Many relationships hang in the balance as the women’s future is now unknown and “normal” has gone out the door. The Season 5 finale was emotional in the fact that it brought these women together, even the ones who didn’t normally get along.

Series creator and showrunner Jenji Kohan struck a deal with Netflix after the streaming service renewed the series ahead of Season 4 to run through Season 7, keeping her as the showrunner until then. Since the show first premiered in 2013, Orange Is the New Black has been nominated for countless awards, including Emmys and Golden Globes

You can watch or re-watch the entire series up to Season 5 on Netflix just in time for the Season 6 release.

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