WWE Diva Lana Shows Off Abs, Sizzling Dance Moves On Instagram

WWE wrestler Lana (whose real name is Catherine Joy “CJ” Perry) showed off her sizzling abs and sexy dance moves on Instagram ahead of her highly-anticipated ladder match at the Money in the Bank event, which is scheduled for June 17.

In the video, Lana breaks a move while sporting cut-off jeans and a crop top that accentuates her flat, gym-toned abs. Her backup dancers are her pro wrestling colleagues Paige and WWE superstar Nia Jax.

As the Inquisitr has reported, Lana flaunted her fit bikini body in Miami, Florida, last week while filming the reality TV show Total Divas.

Perry was accompanied on her Miami vacation by her bikini-clad Total Divas co-stars Nikki Bella, who recently called off her engagement to WWE superstar John Cena.

Weightlifting And Martial Arts Workouts

Lana’s career at WWE has really started taking off recently, fueled by her steely ambition, blonde-bombshell good looks, and vastly-improved wrestling skills. Perry admits she has worked very hard to get her wrestling skills up to par after being mocked as a mediocre performer in the ring.

That preparation includes constant training, including lots of Olympic weightlifting. Lana said she does heavy lifting four days a week, as well as cardio exercise, circuit-training, hot yoga, and martial arts.

“It has made a difference in both my body and my in-ring performances,” Lana told Muscle & Fitness.

Lana, who’s married to WWE superstar Rusev, also follows a healthy, high-protein diet that limits processed foods. But she doesn’t starve or deprive herself, saying she eats her favorite snacks and junk food in moderation.

The former dancer, model, and wrestling manager has made a concerted effort to get strong and gain muscle mass since making her WWE debut as a wrestler in 2016. Lana signed with the WWE in 2013 and began managing Rusev, whom she later married.

Along the way, Perry has faced many struggles, including skepticism from both fans and colleagues who don’t believe she has what it takes to succeed as a wrestler. All that negativity has only stoked her ambition and made her work that much harder.

“In this industry, you have ups and downs,” Lana said. “It goes in waves, so you have to live your life that way. You have to be prepared for when the tide goes out.”

One thing she won’t do is give up because someone says she can’t do something. That only adds fuel to Lana’s inner fire.

“It’s not the wins and losses that define my life,” Lana wrote on Instagram. “It’s what I do with them that define my destiny.”

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