‘Southern Charm’ Recap: The Hangover After Hilton Head [Spoilers]

The latest episode of Southern Charm started off quietly with the sun rising on Hilton Head, but per usual, more drama was stirring. But the crew was still suffering from the hangover on Daufuskie Island where Thomas’ girlfriend lambasted Kathryn and her parenting in an effort to get a party invite, upsetting the proverbial apple cart. This has all caused a rift between Thomas and the rest of the crew.

As everyone woke up and prepared to leave, Kathryn was caught in bed with the makings of s’mores, and has some serious chocolate on her face. She admitted she’s been sleep-eating. Everyone else but Thomas and his girlfriend got up and departed, leaving the couple alone in the house, except they didn’t know it until they walked around, calling out for everyone, but the rest of the gang had headed back to Charleston.

Shep got dropped off at his parents’ house and told his mom he was having his meniscus surgery the next day. He let his mom know that Kathryn would be taking him and driving him home from his surgery, which was outpatient.

The next scene was Kathryn popping by to pick Shep up, and the two chatted about what went down on vacation, and why she was putting her foot down in terms of allowing Thomas to bring a date to Saint’s second birthday party.

On the ride to the surgicenter, Kathryn told Shep that she told Thomas that she didn’t think his girlfriend should be with the kids for a while, and he agreed. Then the two got to talking about their lack of love lives. These two still have serious chemistry, even when driving to surgery.

Three hour later, Shep was out of surgery and was being wheeled to the car wearing a hairnet and drinking a juice box. Still a bit loopy, post-surgery, Shep gave an impromptu Yelp review of his treatment during surgery saying that he would tell all of his friends to come.

Next fans checked in with Austen and Victoria. Victoria didn’t want to talk about Chelsea, especially if Austen was going to defend her. They agreed to disagree, but it’s clear that Austen wasn’t cutting Chelsea out of his life.

At Shep’s house, where he was recovering from knee surgery, and icing his wound, he checked in on cast member Cameran, who had finally had her baby, going past her due date, as the Inquisitr recently reported. Palmer Corinne Wimberly was born on November 11, weighing seven pounds, two ounces, and was 20 inches long. Cameran joked that while Shep iced his knee, she’s icing her vagina after giving birth. He laughed, thinking that she was joking.

Tonight the episode went past halfway mark with very little drama. It’s as if the producers of Southern Charm know that fans still have a hangover from last week’s episode of raised voices and tears. And yet, with the birthday party of Saint Ravenel approaching, something is brewing at Thomas’ house, even as Kathryn prepares the kids for Saint’s big day.

Ravenel’s girlfriend said that the emotional stress of the Hilton Head trip had affected her physical health, and she was going to spend the day on the couch while he went to the party. Thomas asked his girlfriend if it was worth the stress.

“Was it worth it going after Kathryn in retrospect?”

The girlfriend said that she was just protecting Thomas and she knew that sounded crazy, and he agreed. Thomas seems to have grown weary and leery of his self-described “Cali Girl.” In his confessional, Ravenel seemed even angrier than he was at the time (confessionals are filmed after shooting wraps, and give fans a glimpse into thoughts months later).

Thomas then said that it would be good for his girlfriend to return to California so the two can have a break because he needed a little space.

At the birthday party, all of their friends were happy to see that Thomas came alone, and he genuinely seemed to have a good time.

Even with his surgery in the same week, Shep made it to the birthday party, and Kathryn rewarded him by checking in with soup and a get well basket complete with Gummy Bears. He still had feelings for Kathryn and vice versa, so why not? Both are single, and they have never wavered in their friendship.

As the episode came to an end, it was clear that Thomas had come to the end of his rope, as his girlfriend prepared to head home for the holidays. She was headed to Santa Barbara while he would stay in Charleston, and this was causing her anxiety. She lashed out as she asked him about the party.

“You guys aren’t a family. You were never a family. These children weren’t even planned on.”

Thomas seemed to be over it.

“If you disrespect Kathryn, you are disrespecting me and my kids.”

The episode ended with the girlfriend threatening not to come back to Charleston after the holidays, and Thomas seemed to be okay with that.

The scenes from next week seemed to indicate that the road will continue to be bumpy for the May-December couple.

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