Kendra Wilkinson Issues Public Apology For Live-Tweeting Argument With Ex Hank Baskett

After a public tirade on Twitter only a day before, former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson took to Twitter on June 6 to state a public apology to her former husband, Hank Baskett, just after live-tweeting a heated argument about their relationship.

The former House Bunny star stated “I want to apologize publicly to Hank. I was the reason your football career ended. I regret doing that to u and i hope you learn to forgive me one day. I loved u and was always your number one fan.”

In a long line of now-deleted tweets, the famous television personality continued by saying, “I was 24 when i got married. Now I’m 33. I made a lot of mistakes through those young years and im sorry for making u feel the way i did.”

Adding, “All i ever wanted was family because i never had a solid one but me being immature was the reason i couldn’t give u more.”

Wilkinson divorced Baskett after nearly nine years of marriage back in April, and the star has clearly been torn up about it ever since.

She suggested that the former NFL player was “recording” her in some form during a verbal dispute on June 5.

“Please tell him to leave me alone and stop,” she said in a tweet that has now been deleted.

A former Dancing with the Stars contestant, Wilkinson continued to mention that “He’s [Baskett] blaming me for his football career ending. He’s blaming me for cheating on me while I was pregnant.”

After the tirade, Wilkinson realized what she had said and issued a near immediate apology to her followers, saying, “I tried so hard. I did everything by the book and loved and i get s**t on. I’m so sorry for u all to feel awkward [right] now. When i was being recorded i felt threatened, have a good day.”

Wilkinson had mentioned how she was beginning the process of moving out of her and Baskett’s shared home.

“I’m doing the best i can in my life with the cards I’ve been dealt and i will continue to do that,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m hurt because the world i thought was promised to me forever is now coming to an end. I’m not perfect with the way I’m reacting to my pain sometimes but i am getting stronger.”

Wilkinson shared that the most significant strength in her life now has come from her family, who has apparently been helping her in a considerable manner to get through this tough ordeal in the best way possible.

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