Plus-Sized Model Felicity Hayward Flaunts Her Curves In A Black String Bikini

Internationally-renowned plus-sized model Felicity Hayward has had enough of the “body shamers” and has finally taken to social media to clap back at the haters with sexy photos of herself in a skimpy black string bikini.

According to the Daily Mail, the plus-sized model — who has done campaigns for, amongst others, L’Oreal — was on vacation on the beach when she tweeted the photos of herself in the suit, which caused her social media accounts to light up with some great comments and some not-so-great comments.

Hayward, for her part, took it all in stride when she said that her body “was just as worthy as yours, babe.”

Check out the photos below.

The plus-sized model said that she did it because there was a couple on the beach laughing at her, and taking mocking photos of her, while she dared to bare her body in the bikini.

She closed it out with the hashtag #SelfLoveBringsBeauty.

Hayward later said that she was on vacation in Santorini, Greece.

Many of her followers, to their credit, sent her encouraging words, claiming that she was helping promote a “realistic” body image as opposed to one that was altered by surgery and Photoshopping.

Another follower said that they appreciated the plus-sized model’s willingness to embrace her natural beauty.

And still, another follower credited Hayward with being an “inspiration” to her, for her willingness to embrace her curves and be proud of what she looks like at any size.

This isn’t the first time that Hayward has worked on campaigns promoting self-love and positivity. Though she’s relatively unknown in the States, she’s well-known in her native London for helping to change the face of beauty and fashion in the industry.

Her #SelfLoveBringsBeauty digital campaign has been going on for some time now, and she’s worked alongside fellow plus-sized model Tess Holiday for Simply Be’s most size-inclusive runway to date.

Hayward was originally approached by a modeling agency while she was hanging out in a London bar. At that time, the model scout approached her and asked if she’d like to model for fashion photographer Miles Aldridge, to which she of course agreed. This, then, launched her career, where she’s enjoyed social media success — and “real world” success — ever since.

However, it bears noting that Hayward prefers the term “curved model” as opposed to “plus-sized model,” because she feels as though it’s a better descriptor of her body shape and type.

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