‘Southern Charm’ Star Patricia Altschul Says Thomas Ravenel Launched A Smear Campaign With Girlfriend

As this bumpy season of Southern Charm winds down, we are learning more and more about what is behind the battle royale between executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mama Patricia Altschul and Thomas Ravenel, the cast member who has now been banned from the show’s reunion. It’s easy to see that the information which will be revealed at the reunion will be the crescendo to a tumultuous season.

Little by little Patricia has come forward to tell fans of the hit Bravo show why she soured on Thomas Ravenel and his “Cali Girl” girlfriend she assisted on a shopping trip to Gwynn’s. On Twitter early this morning, Altschul responded to Thomas Ravenel’s recent behavior and explains in more detail why she decided to excise him from her life.

“Why people ask? Because of his and Ashley’s smear campaign, character assassination, lies and purposeful defamation. It made me reassess everything Thomas said to me about @KathrynDennis who has clearly turned her life around while they are on a downward spiral.”

While Thomas and his girlfriend have now been removed from the standing guest list at her historic Isaac Jenkins Mikell House, Southern Charm cast member Kathryn Dennis has now been welcomed with open arms. Kathryn and Patrica now exchange posts on social media and have even been seen without cameras laughing at a restaurant with a mutual friend.

My, things have changed down in Charleston!

Much of the heightened drama started after Season 5 of Southern Charm finished filming for the season, in February to be exact. Fans of the show noticed a shift in allegiances during the Hilton Head cast trip where Ravenel’s girlfriend let loose on Kathryn and attempted to pick a fight with Shep. Whitney was able to observe the new level of crazy, and undoubtedly report back to Patricia how composed Kathryn was and how unhinged Thomas sounded.

Reality Blurb reported that the smear campaign by Ravenel and his girlfriend launched in February, months after Luzanne Otte, a friend of Patrica had stopped dating Thomas. Luzanne says she went out with Ravenel a total of eight times but after an unpleasant interaction, she explained she no longer wanted to see him. She says that all went quiet until Ravenel’s girlfriend started calling her out by name on social media and on a gossip blog.

Otte says she tried to do what she could to clear things up with Ravenel, but things only escalated, with Ravenel and his girlfriend insisting that they were the victims.

“The physical threats have been the most frightening, but the accounts created to impersonate and mock my family have been the most painful,” Luzanne revealed. “Being terrorized for five months without interruption has transformed my view of humanity.”

Luzanne said that she knew she wasn’t the lone member of the smear campaign after she realized he had been doing the same thing to Kathryn for years is an attempt to isolate her and make her feel alone.

“Thomas spoke out in public saying it would be better off if she overdosed. He continued to say horrific things about Kathryn and her mother that I found chilling.”

And Luzanne wasn’t a one-off, there have been others like Karla Gibson who runs the @Notsosoutherncharm Instagram page. Gibson has been bullied and taunted on social media and in real life.

Both Luzanne and Patricia now wish Kathryn well and see her in a whole new light.

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