WWE News: Former Champion Continues To Tease Switching Brands

When the brand extension returned to WWE, it ended up bringing about a lot more than just two different TV shows. TJP, the superstar formerly known as TJ Perkins, is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and a member of 205 Live, but he isn’t overly happy there. Lately, he’s been fighting his matches with a mic in his hand to voice his displeasure, and now, he’s actually letting all other brands know that he may soon be available to them.

There really aren’t a lot of ways for superstars to switch brands and the Superstar Shake-Up just took place less than two months ago. Still, if WWE is wanting to move someone around, they could always come up with a storyline reason to get them somewhere else on the roster.

As reported by Wrestling Inc., TJP has been running a storyline that shows just how upset he is to be in the cruiserweight division. This past week on 205 Live, he easily defeated enhancement talent Brian Keith all while having a mic in his hand and letting the world know what he thought about everything.

One of the biggest issues that TJP has with his position is with 205 Live general manager Drake Maverick, and now, he’s threatening to go elsewhere.

Not only did TJP win his match against Keith, but he never once stopped talking on the microphone and putting down Maverick, the cruiserweight division, and 205 Live. In a way, he was actually building himself up for the likes of NXT, Monday Night Raw, or SmackDown Live.

For anyone who is a fan of college sports, it’s almost as if he was putting together a workout tape for the pros.

It isn’t known where WWE is planning on going with this storyline, but it could be a way of getting Drake Maverick wrestling on 205 Live. Before signing with WWE, he was an active in-ring performer in TNA Impact Wrestling where he wrestled under the name of Rockstar Spud.

Should Maverick end up getting sick of TJP’s complaints, it could lead to a bigger feud between the two and eventually a match. That could be a way of moving TJP up the card of the cruiserweight division or having him move around and switch brands.

For quite a while now, TJP has had a tweet pinned at the top of his Twitter which shows one of his lifetime goals which he can only accomplish by being a part of WWE’s main roster.

It seems that if a WWE superstar is a member of the cruiserweight division and wrestling on 205 Live, that is where they’re going to stay. Should TJP continue to get upset with his position on the brand, it would be interesting to see if he is moved to either Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, but that could open the door for others to leave too. Either way, Drake Maverick is going to have his say on the whole situation before anything happens.

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